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QuickBooks Team


Thanks for joining us here, megan-ironcityla.


To better assist with the issue connecting your IOLTA account, can you provide some additional details? Specifically, what occurs when you attempt to connect the account, and the exact wording of any error messages you receive?


This will allow us to troubleshoot further and provide tailored steps to resolve the problem.


Please include that information in your reply, and we will follow up as soon as possible with next steps.

Level 1


Hi Jen - The account shows as connecting, my bank confirms the account is linked, and then I get the following message from the Quickbooks side "Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. We could not fetch your accounts from your bank"


Thank you!

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Hi Jen - thanks for your help. Once I login with my bank credentials through the link account function, it shows that its connecting, my bank confirms the account is linked, and then I receive the following error message on the QB screen "Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. We could not fetch your accounts from your bank"

QuickBooks Team


Hi there, megan.


 I understand the importance of connecting your IOLTA account to QuickBooks Online (QBO). I'm here to ensure this gets sorted out.


Normally, the transactions automatically download and categorize once the account is successfully connected.


Since you've encountered an error, I suggest logging in to your bank’s website to check. Doing so helps us verify if the issue may be on the bank’s end. I'll show you how.


First, get the URL QuickBooks uses to connect:


  1. Go to Transactions, then select Bank transactions.
  2. Select Link account. Note: You won’t add an account, you just need the listed URL.
  3. Search for your bank and select it.
  4. Copy the URL listed for your bank.
  5. Sign in to your bank or credit card's website using the copied URL.


If you can sign in, it's a good sign that there isn't a major issue. Next, check the following:


  1. Check your account for messages, notifications, or alerts.
  2. Look for any display issues as you navigate the website. These can block QuickBooks from downloading new transactions.
  3. Check your bank’s website for any announcements about new security requirements.


If this isn't the case, I suggest accessing your account using a private window. This way, we can determine whether this is a browser cache-related issue. The browser utilizes cached data to load web pages quickly. However, excessive cache can lead to problems that impact the appearance and functionality of your account. Here are the keyboard shortcuts: 


  • Safari: Command + Shift + N 
  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge: CTRL + Shift + N


If the transactions show, clear the browser's cache. It deletes all the data from your browser and optimizes its performance. Using other supported browsers also helps us verify if this is a browser-specific issue. 


In the meantime, you can manually upload the data from your account into QuickBooks Online.


Additionally, you can explore the following resources to assist you in effortlessly managing your transactions and accounts:



I'll be around if you need more help managing your books with your QBO. Keep me in the loop by tagging me in your reply. Keep safe!

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