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User Multi-Choice List Limit?

Hello QuickBooks Community,


I've just got a few questions that I hope someone can help answer. First, I noticed that there is a limit to the number of entries that can be entered into the custom field user multi-choice list  (100). I've attached an image of what happens when you try to exceed that number (User Multi-Choice List Limit.png). Is there any way to bypass this limit? If not I'm going to need some more help in figuring out what the best way to set up our items would be. If you need more information about what exactly we are trying to accomplish or clarification on anything, please let me know.




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QuickBooks Team

User Multi-Choice List Limit?

Hello there, @Jared.


Allow me to help share some information about using custom fields in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


QuickBooks limits the multi-choice list to 30 characters per line and can accommodate up to 100 choices. As of now, we don't have the option to bypass the limit.


If exceeding 100 choices as a limit is what you need for your business, I suggest sending this idea straight to our product developers/engineers for future product updates.


To send your product feedback/suggestion:


  1. Click Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Select Send Feedback Online.
  3. Click on Product Suggestion.

For additional reference about custom fields, you may check the following articles:


Feel free to add a comment if you have any other QuickBooks concerns, we're always here to help. Have a great day ahead!

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User Multi-Choice List Limit?

So I guess my next question would be how should we set up our items? I ask this because we need to use the custom field in order for the UPC, SRP, Team, and League to print on all paperwork and custom fields is the only way I’ve found to do this in a neat fashion.


Initially, I had set up all our items to just use the UPC as the item name with the custom fields being used to supply the Team, League, and SRP, but then ran into the issue of how to keep the team names consistent. I then was told in another forum post to set up a dummy item like NFL and then create a sub-item for the different teams (NFL:CHICAGO BEARS) and then the actual item as a sub-item of those dummy items. So in the end a completed item would look like this (NFL:CHICAGO BEARS:[removed]). I kind of like this approach because it makes sure that all items have a uniform naming structure and help prevent employees from spelling the team name wrong. But this is where the issue of the custom fields comes into play because we still need to add the custom field with the team name to print it on invoices, pick tickets, POs, etc and this is where employees can mess up and spell the team name wrong or simply put “Bears” instead of “Chicago Bears.” Another reason that we need the custom field is that if we view the inventory list in the hierarchical view then we only see UPC codes with the description unless we add in a custom column with our custom field for the League and Team Name.


I just want to make sure that we set up our inventory correct the first time around and don't have to come back a year or so later and completely rework all our items. Any help or advice on how we should go about setting up our items would be greatly appreciated. Again if you need any more information just let me know.

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User Multi-Choice List Limit?

You just asked this as duplicate, here:


You don't need to keep starting over.

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