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Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
Level 5

Vendor Notes - Expandable Text Box

We need the Notes Field to be able to be expanded.


Now that I have found out that Vendor Notes will not be exported from Desktop to Online except for the latest note by date, I am now forced to copy and paste.  I now have to go back to my desktop version (on one computer), copy all the notes into Word and save it to a network folder.  From the computer working with QBO I then need to open that Word file, copy the contents and paste them into the notes field within the Vendor profile. 


Okay.  I'm over the screaming of yet another inefficiency of making the trek to Online.  However, now when I need to use the notes within the vendor, not only do I need to go into edit mode to get the note (in order to copy parts of it), the box is only 3/4" tall by 5" wide.  There's a scroll bar, however, you can only click on the up and down arrows.  If you try to copy any text within the box, the highlighting moves to fast to control what you're trying to copy.


Bottom line: the programmers need to modify this text box to allow it to be expandable so we can see the full view of the notes.

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Level 15

Vendor Notes - Expandable Text Box

Getting user requested changes to QB is a long long waiting game.


Not sure why you left a feature rich desktop variant to go to QBO, but this might be some food for thought

a non partisan comparison of QBO vs QB desktop
(cost comparisons are at the end of the article)


Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
Level 5

Vendor Notes - Expandable Text Box

Simple reason:

I am now retired and have a handful of clients I do bookkeeping/accounting for part time.  I have been with QBD since its inception and had been a ProAdvisor for many years during the early years.  I had a mix of clients both on QBD and QBO and with the QBD clients I had to install and use as many versions of QBD which f course confused the hell out of my computer.  Add the issues of Windows 10 updates that constantly corrupt my computer as well as the QBD programs, I wound up spending 10 times the amount of time dealing with tech issues rather than getting the job done.  Yes QBD was/is incredibly efficient.  QBO is a baby toy in comparison.  However, I need to think about what's right for the client.  When it comes time for me to disappear, they need to be able to either jump in or surrender their company to a new bookkeeper/accountant without going through the backup and restore and/or installation and/or upgrade issues.

I had already suffered several scares of losing clients' data when Windows 10 performed an update that didn't work (vs 1903) which happened to crash on my other laptop as well.  It just so happened that the update somehow managed to corrupt the QBD version and no matter what I tried I could not get the program to work any longer.  Finally I installed the program on yet a fourth computer and got it running.  As soon as I loaded the file from a backup, BAM!! - file corrupted and there was no way to recover it.


Yes, I finally found the recovery file and got everything back, however, I had to use the QBD 20 trial to get the data so I could move to QBO.


So the main reason for going to QBO?  Simply so I don't have to worry where the data is or if it's safe.  Whether or not they make backups - not my problem - at least not at this moment.


Thank you for taking the time for pointing me into the article.  Like I said though, I'm retired and not moving into any new directions outside of Quickbooks.  When it gets to a point where it's simply too inefficient to work with, I'll hang up my hat for good and call it a day and simply remember the good 'ol days with QBD version ONE!!

Level 2

Vendor Notes - Expandable Text Box

Boy oh boy do I agree.  For the customer notes not vendor.  Same problem.  Not even moving text as you are but trying to use the notes box the way I always have - capturing customer info and comments and then copying that to the field people who service that customer.  Best I can do is open EDIT and NOTES but really? Have to open yet another box and make changes and then copy and then send and then make more notes and more copies job is now twice as lengthy for the same output.


The 4000 character limit is fine.  But being unable to have the box expand for the amount of notes?  Yikes.


We are actually looking at alternative systems that can do what we need since it is so important for how we work.

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