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Janet Stout
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Way to contact Intuit payroll.

I need a way to contact intuit payroll.  They renew my subscription and I want to cancel.  I tried to log in but I can do my ID and password, but when they go to call there is a problem, because our new phone system won't accept it.  I have try different ways, but I can't find anyway to talk to a person that can help me.

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QuickBooks Team

Way to contact Intuit payroll.

I see you're having challenges logging in to your account, Janet. I'm here to ensure you can contact our Intuit payroll support. 


If you forgot your user ID or password but still have access to your phone or email on file, you can still access your account. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to our sign-in help page.
  2. Enter your account's phone number, email address, or user ID.
  3. If you enter a phone number or email address, we'll send you a text or email with a verification code. If you enter a user ID, choose which method you prefer.
  4. Please enter the verification code we sent or follow the instructions in the message. We may ask you for more info to ensure it's you.
  5. When prompted, reset your password. Or, you can select Skip.


For more information, check out this article: Recover your Intuit Account if you can't sign in


If you still can't log in to your account after taking all the steps, contact our payroll support using a test drive. This way, they can pull up your account to investigate why you're unable to log in, and they can also assist you with canceling your subscription if needed.


Here's how to contact support using a test drive: 


  1. Hover to the Help menu, then go to the Search tab.
  2. Click Contact Us and type a short description of your issue and concern in the box provided.
  3. Click Continue and select the Chat or Callback option.


I'll add this article to learn what you should do before and during canceling your payroll subscription: Cancel Your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription.


Return here if you need further information about canceling the subscription and how to contact our payroll support. My support is always available for you. 

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