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We use Big Commerce with our website

Other orders are filtering in because the products on those orders were added a couple years ago. Recently we added a few more products and while the customers contact info filters into QBO, there is no order there. I've called about this before and Big Com. says it's a QB issue and QB agent didn't seem to know what to do either and said it was Big Com. we need to talk to.
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We use Big Commerce with our website

Your question does not specify what the problem is, so it is hard to answer.

When I used a different ecommerce platform (zencart), I found it easier to ignore customer information in QB and make everyone an "on-line customer".  The customer info is stored in the ecommerce platform so I saw no reason to duplicate it.  I'm not sure if this is something you would want to consider or even if it would help.


QB help is not subject matter experts, it is going to be up to you to figure out what you need and how to get it.

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We use Big Commerce with our website

Thanks Rustler, 

The problem is what I mentioned: Orders aren't filtering into quickbooks from website orders. 

I'm sure one problem is that if a product doesn't have a sku, but some of the new products that do have a sku aren't either. 

The customers name has filtered into QBO, but the order didn't. That's a big problem for many reasons. The biggest reason being, if the order isn't there, yet the income from that order filters in from our bank, there is no way it can be reconciled.


Also, while I have you here (lol) do you know about setting up raw materials under 'products and services' and what you put for the 'expense acct' there and then when our payment for that raw material that we purchased filters in via our bank , into the banking window where we 'add' 'match', etc and it asks for a 'category' there too. I recall seeing a video that said under products and services (when setting up a new product) that the 'category' there anyway is 'optional', but what about the category in the banking window before you 'add' that payment? What was happening is, I was putting COGS in both places (under 'expense acct' when creating that product and then in banking where 'add' it, I was also putting COGS. Someone said that could be double dipping. ??


Thanks for any help you can be on this. 


QuickBooks Team

We use Big Commerce with our website

Hi @diana.clark,


Allow me to chime in and share insight on your queries about QuickBooks Online (QBO).


You stated that you use Big Commerce for your website. I suggest you sync this third party app to your QBO company. This way, your orders from Big Commerce are automatically shared with QBO. It saves you time since you no longer need to enter these transactions by hand.


Visit this page: QuickBooks Apps Store. Click the Search (magnifying glass) icon, then type in Big Commerce to see your options. 


As for your second question about COGS, it's best to consult your bookkeeper or accountant on how you should proceed. It's to ensure accuracy in your books. 


Drop a comment below if you have other questions about your QuickBooks product. I'll be around to help you. 

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We use Big Commerce with our website

Hi Ryan, 


We do have Big Commerce and QBO synced. There are just a few newer products that we've added that when someone orders them at our site, that order isn't filtering in. Other orders filter in fine with products that we've sold for a few years. I just can't remember what you're supposed to do when creating a new product, so if someone orders it, it comes into QBO. ? 


QuickBooks Team

We use Big Commerce with our website

I can provide the steps on how to create new products in QuickBooks Online (QBO), diana.clark.


QBO lets you manually enter new products or service items. And, I'm glad to show you how: 


  1. Go to the Sales menu, then go to the Products and services tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the product type needed to the item.
  4. Add a name. If you track SKUs, enter a SKU for the product.
  5. Complete other fields.
  6. When you're done, select Save and Close.

I've added these link for additional information: Add product and service items to QuickBooks Online


You can also import products and services from Excel anytime you want. However, you can contact Big Commerce is they can automatically sync new products to QuickBooks and filter them.


Don't hesitate to click the Reply button if you need additional information. I'll be around whenever you need  help.

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We use Big Commerce with our website

I appreciate all the help, but unfortunately, we know how to add a new product to QBO (under Products & Services). I've spoken with Big Commerce and they say it's a QB problem as to why some of the orders aren't filtering in. Those products on those orders that aren't filtering in have been added in QBO under Prod.&Serv. 


Another big issue is, I really need help with allocation. So when adding a new product in Product/Services, for something that is a COGS, do I put COGS under the 'expense acct' there (for a raw material used to make a finished product that we in-turn sell)? If so, then after we pay the vendor for that raw material and our check clears the bank and shows in the banking area in QBO to 'add', 'match', what 'category' do I choose in banking? We have put COGS in that banking area before 'adding' it,  but wondered if that's double dipping since already in COGS when enter it on a purchase order/bill? 

Can you tell I'm not very apt with bookkeeping. lol 


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