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Where do I send my corrupt company file to be repaired?

When trying to perform an admin password reset on a Quickbooks POS v12 system using the standard tool and I receive an error as follows:


An error occurred during the password retrieval. The file may be corrupted. Password removal service returned message: "decode~password~failed".


After three calls to support and 6 hours on hold to talk with people I can barely understand the guy tells me "Your file is corrupt". Really... that's what he said. He said my only option was to send in the file to be repaired. He also said they wouldn't repair it because my software was too old and I'd have to upgrade first.


Well I've purchased an upgrade, v18,  and I'd like to know where to send my file for repair before I try to load it into my new system. I would love an answer to this before I waste more of my effort on unreasonable hold times. Why doesn't the chat support work? Why is there no email support?


This is very frustrating. Very.

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Where do I send my corrupt company file to be repaired?

The only ones that can repair the file will be Point of Sale support, referring the file to Data Recovery.

Recontact support. Let them know that they have already done troubleshooting and the file needs to be fixed, so it can be upgraded to v 18.

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