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will desktop 21 work work with excel 21?

I am using QB desktop 21. I am getting ready to update to Office 2021 (perpetual license installed on my computer, not 365).  When I look at the system requirements for desktop 21 and desktop 22, they do not say they are compatible with office 21.  They only list Office13, 16, and 19.  Does this mean that the program has not been updated to work with Office 21 or is it just that the articles have not been updated to include Office 21 on the list?


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will desktop 21 work work with excel 21?

Hello, btks.


I'll clarify some details regarding QuickBooks' compatibility with Office 2021. 


At this time, we still don't have compatibility support for Office 2021 with QuickBooks 2021. Our developers might be working for a patch to support Office 2021 in the future. 


However, you can still make Office 2021 work for QuickBooks 2021 but there's no guarantee that it'll run smoothly. You might run into issues while doing particular tasks in the program. 


We recommend using the supported Office versions (2013, 2016, 2019 Or Microsoft 365) in the meantime. 


If you need to take a look at the requirements again, I'll link the article for convenience: System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2021.


Do you need to work on your financial data and review the numbers through reports? Check out this article if you need help on what reports you can run: Understand reports.


Are you planning to use specific programs with QuickBooks Desktop or do you need help with a certain tasks? Please let me know the details below, and I'd be glad to lay down some steps and guides.

Level 5

will desktop 21 work work with excel 21?

I just need to export Quickbooks reports to excel.

I want to make sure I buy a version of excel that will work with desktop 21.

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