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Wisconsin New Hire Report Not Working in 2020

With the Wisconsin New Hire Report, "WI Report for NH - New Hire Report", from the File Forms tab in the Payroll Center of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, in Creating the Form you specify the Start Date and End Date for the pay period involved. I've not had any problems with this report previously, but now that we are in 2020, no employees show up in this report using the dates of 12/18/2019 thru 12/31/2019, which is our pay period for this first payroll in 2020. We have 3 employees whose Hire Dates are within that range. I double-checked the year in both the Employee screens and in the Creation of the report. No luck! 


Any ideas? 

QuickBooks Team

Wisconsin New Hire Report Not Working in 2020

Let's update your payroll tax table, Meeg.


This fixes any issue with your payroll, especially with reports and forms. This is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Employees menu and select Get Payroll Updates.
  2. Select the Download Entire Update checkbox.
  3. Click Download Latest Update.

Once done, let's pull up the New Hire report again. We can rebuild your company data if the same thing happens. This is to check and resolve any error on your company file that can cause this behavior. You can follow these steps:

  1. Go to File menu.
  2. Click Utilities and select Verify Data.
  3. Go back to File menu.
  4. Select Utilities then Rebuild Data.

In addition, I suggest reaching out to our Customer Support Team if this issue persists. This is to check the possible reason of this behavior. Go to Help menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help. Then, click on Contact us.


I'll be happy to help if you have more concerns. Have a wonderful day!

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Wisconsin New Hire Report Not Working in 2020

Thanks, AlexV. I had updated Payroll before running this report, which actually made me think the Update may have been part of the problem... 


But now I followed the steps you outlined: Updating again and Restarting QuickBooks. (I actually shut down completely.) After that I Verified Data where nothing wrong was found, and then Rebuilt Data where 1 error (179) was fixed by QuickBooks. Unfortunately the problem remains.


I have since temporarily changed the Hire Dates for the 3 employees hired in that pay period to 1/1/2020 and have run the report  (which then did list the employees) with a notation regarding the problem. Hopefully going forward I will not have this report problem since this could be an onerous process rife with opportunity for mistakes. But thanks for your help, AlexV. I'll follow-up if it continues to happen... 



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