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Mucks Trucks
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All In One Card Reader


 for about a week now my all in one card reader will not connect to my phone or computer. the little light that used to flash on it also does not come on anymore. Could the Battery be bad in it?

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QuickBooks Team

All In One Card Reader

Thanks for reaching out to us, @Mucks Trucks.

I’m here to help you fix your card reader connection.

Did you double-check if the card reader is firmly connected to your computer via the USB port? 

You can try turning your card reader on/off by pressing and holding the power button on the side of the device until the green light is visible. If it comes with a charging dock, remove the device from it prior to pressing the power button.

If you continue to get the same result, let’s disconnect the reader and reconnect it. Here’s how:
1.    From the upper left menu, select Settings.
2.    Select Card Readers, then choose the card reader you want to disconnect.
3.    From the Reader Actions drop-down, select Forget Reader.
4.    Re-connect the reader.

For more information, check out this article: Set up Bluetooth card reader for GoPayment or QuickBooks Online mobile.


If the problem persists, you may want to contact our QuickBooks Payments Support Team for further assistance. You can find their most updated phone number through this link:

This information should help you fix the card reader connection. Let me know if you’re able to do so once you’ve tried the steps. I’ll be here if you have other questions. Have a good one!

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