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Avoiding Duplicate Payment of Invoices


Last month, a vendor sent me an invoice.  I paid the invoice.  What I did not realize was that I had paid the same invoice nine months ago.  I guess I could have checked the pay history to that Vendor and seen that I paid him the same amount and investigated further but I would think QB might offer an automatic alert when entering AND paying the same invoice number twice.  
My thought is that it should alert you for both entering and payment:


"Hey, you’ve already entered this bill (invoice #)"
and also...
"Hey, you've already paid this bill (invoice #)"
Are any of you aware if these alerts exist and, if so, how to enable?
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Avoiding Duplicate Payment of Invoices

Yes, you can turn on the warning for duplicate bill numbers which will help stop this from happening.  I believe it is on by default.

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