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Change vendor bank account routing number


Jobs4U here.  I setup a vendor in the BillPay function.  Unfortunately I was given an incorrect bank account routing number by the vendor.  I need to change the bank routing number associated with this vendor in the BillPay function but cannot figure out how to do so.  Tried to figure out how to delete vendor out of quickbooks and start all over but can't figure that out either.  Once vendor bank account information in the BillPay system how do I get in there and change the routing number?




Beth Ostroff 

QuickBooks Team

Change vendor bank account routing number

Hi there, Jobs4u.


Good to see you here in QuickBooks Community. I'm here to help and provide some options on how to change the vendor's routing number. 


Once you've already processed a payment for your vendor and the payment method indicate it has failed, you can update the bank information by following the steps below: 

  1. Select Expense on the left menu.
  2. Click Pay bills Online.
  3. On the top right corner, select the gear icon to access the Bill Pay Online settings.
  4. Locate the name of your vendor.
  5. On the Actions column, select Update bank info.



If you want to start over, you can no longer delete a vendor once it has already an existing transactions. However, you can make one permanently inactive. 


To make a vendor inactive, here's how: 

  1. From the left menu, select Expenses.
  2. Choose Vendors.
  3. Click the arrow on the Action drop-down menu beside the vendor you want to make inactive.
  4. Select Make inactive

For future reference, you can check this article about Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online.


You may also click this link if you need further assistance with one of our phone support: QuickBooks Payments support.


Don't hesitate to click the Reply button below if you have any additional questions about Bill Pay. I'm always here to help you out. 

Level 1

Change vendor bank account routing number



I followed the instructions below and I do not have an option to update account information for the failed payment. The only option I have is to void the payment but I need to update the routing information and have the payment re-transmitted.


Thank you



Change vendor bank account routing number

Hello there, @Jobs4u


Thanks for your response. I appreciate you following the steps provided by my colleague, @JanyRoseB


Since the only option you have is to void a BillPay payment, I'd suggest reaching out to our Merchant Services Team. From there, one of our specialists will take care of this since they have the necessary tools to securely access your account. They can also help update your vendor's routing number and provide options on how to re-transmit your payments. 


Here's how to contact them: 


  1. Go to 
  2. Get the phone number for QuickBooks Payments


Stay in touch with me how it goes on your end, @Jobs4u. Feel free to drop by the Community again if you have other concerns. I'll be here to help. 

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