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declined credit cards-visa

I do not have a card reader, i enter all my payments through my desktop qb manually, some of my customers using visa accounts are being declined, customer verifies info etc, has been using the same card for months. one customer even called with a different visa card and it declined too.


not all visa cards are being declined, but every payment that has been declined has been a visa. is this on my end, QB end, or Visa themselves? and how do i go about fixing this? customers are getting impatient :(

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QuickBooks Team

declined credit cards-visa

Hi there, @jeanine88.


I appreciate you reaching out to us here in the Community. Allow me to provide insights into why your visa credit card has been declined.


There are several reasons why your customer's credit card may be declined. To learn more about what are these reasons and how to get this resolved, please check out this article: Why is my customer's card declined?

To provide a thorough explanation of this concern, I recommend contacting the QuickBooks Payments Support Phone Team. This team is the best resource for such inquiries, as they're able to request account information to pull up your account and share sensitive information, while the Community is a public forum. Once they have this information, they'll be able to further assist with determining the details of the transaction and why your credit card has been declined. 


You can locate their contact information at the following link: QuickBooks Payments Contact Us.


This should guide you in the right direction, @jeanine88. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Have a great week ahead!

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