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How to record a loan out from the company, that will be repaid??

So we have a record label, and when an artist is signed they may get 2500 or 5000 or however much, as an advance. 

Previously I was putting this in as reducing my cash account and entering it as a straight expense "Musician Advance". These are recoupable costs Though.... the artist has to pay back 100%.


So I'm changing this from a straight expense, I believe this should be "Other Long Term Asset" and be a receivable account. 

 Going back months where I've reconciled this, I think the issue is that this should affect cash flow, but not profitability because it's still an asset. Not an expense. 

 I need to recreate the entries from before today... because I can't edit them to change them from an expense to something else.  My question is, if it's not an expense, in quickbooks online... what is it?


My best guess.. Is this recorded as a transfer from checking to A/R for that musician? The problem with doing that though, is that it looks like  a payment on a loan. I would think it's not a transfer.... b/c it's not going to an account, it's going to a person....   So Another option I thought is set the musician as a vendor, pay them and increase the A/R on long term loan asset for that person. but again that records that as an expense.


If someone can help me straighten this out. 


Most times this happens, we give the artist an advance, and recoup money over time to pay it off.

In one other event... the company paid for something for an owner/officer, which he paid back.  We again had that as an expense, in the Loans to Officers, and recorded his cash deposit to our bank account against it.   But again, I'm thinking the item the company paid for... is again not an expense... 


Please help me clarify this and figure it out



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How to record a loan out from the company, that will be repaid??

Just as money you borrow from a bank would be a liability, money you loan out is an asset. Assets are not expenses and never appear on P&L, only balance sheet.  Long term is fine if you expect not to recoup for over a year, otherwise Current Or Other Asset is appropriate. When you cut an advance check to a performer post it to their loan asset. When it comes time to distribute actual earnings to them create a check with full sale less the advance bring repaid.


Why can't you edit the prior transactions? Change the detail line from whatever expense account you used to the loan asset.

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How to record a loan out from the company, that will be repaid??

I can edit the transaction, but it seems that even if I edit it, because I originally classified it as an expense, it is still an expense. So I can delete it and recreate it.


Yes we assume they will take >1 year to repay so I put it in long term asset.

So to record a check distribution, if I have 5000 going out of my checkbook.... to the artist...

rather than mark it as an expense.... I just mark it as a transfer from cash (checkbook) to A/R for that band/artist... which is an account I will create (long term asset) per artist


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