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Increase 1099 Balance?

I had to pay a contractor using my personal Venmo account (since there is no business account and because of the pandemic). I would like to reimburse myself but also make sure the amount is included in the Vendor's 1099 at the end of the year. How do I increase the vendor's 1099 amount without actually writing checks to the contractor?


Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Increase 1099 Balance?

Here's a piece of information I can provide about the vendor's 1099, AndyZ.


The amount that will show in 1099 is based on the transactions created for the vendor. This includes all the expenses, bills, and payment. 


While it is not advisable to mix personal and business funds, you may encounter situations that will require you to do so. For the bank account field, you can either choose a bank account or a petty cash account. This is the account that the reimbursement money is coming from. Then, enter the owner's equity account under the account details.


However, I still suggest reaching out to your accountant for other ways on how to do it.


You can also run reports in QuickBooks Desktop to give the information you need. 

Let me know if you need anything else. I'll be here to help.

Level 15

Increase 1099 Balance?



disregard the previous answer, evidently the respondent did not read the question.


If there is no bank account, where is the money that will pay you back?  Even if the business holds cash, that is held in a cash type bank account


assuming there is a cash type bank account, bring up an expense transaction and select the vendor name

line one, the expense account you use for vendor payments, $$$

line two, the equity drawing account, and -$$$ (negative number)

save the zero dollar transaction

then take the amount in cash

Level 2

Increase 1099 Balance?

I solved this by creating a JE from the expense account, using the contractor's name as the vendor, to the Loans from Member account. This did increase the amount per the 1099 report.

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