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QuickBooks Holding Money

Hello everyone, 


I am one of the many many victims that QuickBooks is holding in funds after closing our account due to a “business decision.” Yet, no one can explain to me what that business decision is. I will post the story below, however, I have consulted with an attorney & he is teaming up with 4 other attorneys across the United States to open a class action lawsuit against QuickBooks. I am posting this because so far I have 7 this has happened to, but I need 20 + people to be able to open this case. Paperwork is already being drawn up and each attorney is working diligently to find each and every person this has happened too. If you would like your money back as well as the collateral damage it has caused, please email me at [email address removed] and I will put you in touch with the head attorney that will be over this case. Please, when you reach out, be prepared to have any and all documentation, recordings with QuickBooks customer service team, and any other helpful info ready to produce. Here’s my story: two weeks ago I got notification that a $2500 payment that my customer had sent me was on hold and that any payment our customers made afterwards would also be on hold. I go to the resolution center like it told me to do and it said I needed to upload my articles of organization + EIN confirmation page and they’d review and get back with me. The next day, I see they are still holding the money and have now closed my account.  I have called QuickBooks MULTIPLE times & when they tell me they are holding our funds in case of chargebacks, we offer to provide photos of the work that’s been done as well as the customers phone number and everytime they say “sorry, this is a process and you might get your money back in 90 days.” This is a brand new business that they has now shut down because of the funds they are holding. It’s everything we can do right now to avoid bankruptcy because of the money they are holding. Please, I urge you, if you are in the same boat as us, please email me and have your name & evidence added to our lawsuit. I’ve read multiple threads of people this has happened to so if this is you, please please reach out. 

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