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Quickbooks Payment matching issue

We use Quickbooks Payments to receive payments from our customers, and I have been having an issue matching online payments to bank deposits. It seems like when a customer clicks through their emailed invoice to pay, their invoice is automatically marked paid. However, it takes a few days for the deposit to actually hit our bank account, then it shows up in Banking in QBO. At this point, I can't match the payment with the invoice because it's already marked as paid. 

The only workaround I've been able to find is going back to the original invoice and deleting the deposit that was applied at the time of payment so I can then match the bank deposit. 


Is there a better way to do this or some setting that I can change so that payments are not automatically recorded as deposits until they hit the bank account?

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Payment matching issue

Only the open invoices will show on the Banking page, rayannebeaudry.


Those invoices won’t show since it’s marked as paid. Instead, we can match the bank transaction to the payments. We can also match it to the deposit transaction in QuickBooks if you’ve deposited the payments already.


Let's click on the Find Match button. This way, we can locate the payment and match it from there. You can follow these steps:

  1. In the Banking tab, locate and click the payment to expand it.
  2. Select the Find Match radio button.
  3. On the Match transactions page, locate the payment or the deposit and check it.
  4. Click on Save.

Here's are some of the articles you can read for more details:

Comment to this thread if you need more clarifications.

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Quickbooks Payment matching issue

This does not work because when I click Match Transactions, the invoice does not show up as an option.


Quickbooks Payment matching issue

Using QuickBooks Payments automatically marks your invoices as paid, rayannebeaudry,


QB Online will record the deposit to the account you selected. Once the customer pays online, it will be recorded to the correct account


You can check your selected account with these steps:

  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Account and Settings .
  3. Go to the Payments tab.
  4. In the Chart of Accounts section, you will see the account you've selected.

In your case, you can exclude the transaction since it's already recorded in your register. Here's how:

  1. On the Banking tab, check the box beside the transaction you want to exclude.
  2. Click the Batch actions drop-down and choose Exclude Selected.

You can check this article for additional information: Common Questions about QuickBooks Payments Deposits.


I'll be around if you have other questions related to payments.

Level 1

Quickbooks Payment matching issue


I had this issue for a while as well. It was quite frustrating until the obvious dawned on me.  


The solution is .... when you are in the interface in which you match the bank transaction (after you click the match transactions button), filter transactions using the drop down in upper left, selecting "Deposits."  Match the QB deposit transaction to the Bank deposit(s) listed, not to invoices.


You don't want to exclude these transactions because then you won't be able to reconcile. 

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