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Rejected Bank Transfer Payment

Good morning!
I had a rejected bank transfer payment (via Quickbooks Payments) that I accounted for following these steps:
I created the service item for Rejected Bank Transfer (income account = checking)
I created an Invoice with that service item and applied the bad payment to that invoice
In banking register, I  matched the initial deposit to the 'Deposit' record automatically created by Quickbooks Payments. I also matched the debit for the bad payment to the new Invoice with the Rejected Bank Transfer line item.
Problem is, that invoice now will always have a status of 'Returned' and the Invoice main page always has a red error that says 'Needs Attention' rendering that warning useless.
Have I missed any steps or is there a better way to address the bad payment so my invoices and status return to normal?
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Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Rejected Bank Transfer Payment

Hey, @dslessing


Congrats on making your first post here in the Community. For the Merchant Services side of the information, I recommend contacting their Customer Support Team. They'll be able to determine what happened to cause this in your account. 


When the invoice is displaying this message, the easiest way to make the error go away is to delete it. From there, you can create a new invoice for your records or if you're going to correct the payment. One of the reasons why you may have been rejected is that your bank information is not correct within Merchant Services. Here's how you can check and update the information if need be: 


  1. Go to this link:
  2. Select your account. 
  3. Press Account Profile


Afterward, you can edit the bank information if needed. 


I want to make sure that you're able to get this resolved as soon as possible. If there's anything else I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. Have a great Wednesday!

Level 3

Rejected Bank Transfer Payment

I have this same issue.  I followed the recommended steps to apply the rejected payment to the newly created invoice.  The invoice has a zero balance but continues to show the status of Needs Attention.  Chat support yesterday said to delete the invoice (Not even void), which would give you no record of it. It seems to me that the dashboard should not show any invoices with a zero balance as needing attention and/or should give you the option to mark it as resolved.

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