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Report of Specific Information

Hi there Community :)  I am trying to figure out how I can print a report that shows precise activity for several customers.  I am guessing I need detailed information.  I need a report that shows all of the invoices and their amounts and a total invoiced, as well as whatever payment has been applied and what invoice said payment got applied to.  Is there such a report that I can run for several customers?  I have one particular business with 15 properties and each property is it's own account.  Thanks for any help. 

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QuickBooks Team

Report of Specific Information

Hello there, Plink.


QuickBooks Desktop offers a variety of reports to know your company's position. However, pulling up a report that shows all invoices and applied payments is currently unavailable.


In the meantime, you can pull up the Transaction List by Customer report. This will provide you a detailed list of your customer's transactions such as invoices and payments. Then, customize it to filter the information you want and export them to Excel.

  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Select Customers & Receivables.
  3. Choose Transaction List by Customer.
  4. Select the Customize Report button.
  5. Set the date range in the Report Date Range section.
  6. Update the columns.
  7. Select the Filters tab to refine more information.
  8. Click OK.


I've attached screenshots below for your reference.

13 QBDT Report.PNG 14.PNG


Once done, export the report to Excel by selecting the Excel button above it. From there, you can choose only the information you want to view.


To learn more on what other reports that QuickBooks Desktop offers, you can check out this article: Understand reports. It also contains other related articles such as customizing and creating a memorized reports.


Please let me know if you have other concerns. I'm just around to help.

Level 2

Report of Specific Information

Good Morning Rea_M!  First off, wherever you are, I hope you are staying safe & healthy!!


Second, thank you for the response, yes, that's what I ended up doing.  I eliminated a couple columns that I didn't need for the report I was trying to produce, then used the filters to define INVOICE & PAYMENT, this, at least, showed a payment was made, the check number, and all I had to do was HIGHLIGHT the payment, then arrow to and circle the invoice paid to simplify it for the receiver.  I did this because the check payment indicates PAID and the invoice also indicates PAID.  Thankfully this part was easy enough because, although we have invoiced said customer every month for every property since December, they have only made 3 payments that broke down to a total of 1 payment to every account.  It's 1 customer but 15 properties we service, so I needed to define what was open and what was paid on every one of their properties (accounts), where the dollars from their checks were applied.    I also attached back up information, their check stubs and where I applied the payment, this coincides with the report, so this should be sufficient.   Honestly, just more work for me from a company who is stalling payment as this is the third time I have supplied this information, just yet again, in a different way, and they owe us quite a sum.  


Again, I thank you for your input, it is appreciated!!   :)    Stay safe and healthy!!

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