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Reversed Payment- Correct Books

A customer made duplicate payments and wanted a refund right away. I reversed the transaction through Intuit QuickBooks payment on the same day. QBP deposited both payments the customer made on 7/17. The reversed transaction (credit)/refund to our customer was then credited from a payment another customer made the same day but was not deposited until the next day. How do I fix this on our QuickBooks Premior Desktop version. 


brief summary

Our customer paid two $300 payments on 7/17 and was batch deposited on 7/17 with other payments received

I reversed the transaction 7/17 to go back to her credit card payment but it went through as a refund


on 7/17 another customer paid $1720

her deposit was processed via QBP on 7/18 and QBP credited $300 from that deposit to cover our otherscustomers reversed payment/refund. deposit detail- Carolyn.png


deposit detail- QBP.png



Our bank statement shows a $1420 deposit

What entries do I need to make to make this balance, without affecting my customer- Carolyn, account

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Reversed Payment- Correct Books

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, Majestic Pools. I appreciate the screenshot, that helps me to see what's going on.

When you refunded one of the duplicate payments to your customer, a record was automatically applied to the invoice. Additionally, both of their transactions will be displayed on the one they paid. So that part should already be looking accurate. In regard to the other customer's transaction, there shouldn't be a problem with your records. They paid what was owed, and there was no overpayments/refunds, etc.

Ultimately, the two original payments were deposited, as was your additional one, minus the credit taken from it. What you'll want to do is leave everything as it is. The refund is already applied to the proper invoice/customer. You wouldn't want to apply it to a client who didn't actually receive one. Everything works out with your amounts, because you still received the same amount of money that was processed.

What you can do, if you'd like, is add a notation to the customer's invoice (the one that was offset from, or both of them) pointing out what's taken place.

Here's how:
1. Open the customer's profile, then their invoice.
2. In the Notes section, click the Pencil (✎) icon to add notations.
3. Enter the details you'd like attached with your record.
4. Select Save & Close.

Now you'll have a relevant entry in your books showing what took place.

Here's our resource archives for QBDT, this may come in handy moving forward: Help Articles

If there's any other questions, I'll be here to help. Have a wonderful day!

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