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Splitting charges for hours worked across multiple customers

Doing work where my hourly charges, and expenses, need to be split across 3 separate customers (eg three separate invoices).


How do I do this?

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Splitting charges for hours worked across multiple customers

Hi there, robws.


I have some insight to provide you regarding how you can split the hourly charges and expenses to the three customers.


We can set up the Billable expenses option to be able to record the transactions. You may need to calculate the total service charge and expenses for the service separately for each customer.


Once you already know the amount, you can create one expense transaction for one customer.


Thanks for coming to the Community. I'll keep an eye out on your response in case you need further assistance.

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Splitting charges for hours worked across multiple customers


Please learn from this input.


This is marked as For Desktop.




You simply Split and Allocate this in the entries. Example:


On my timesheet entry, I list Per customer, the task allocation to each of them.


On the Check or Credit Card items tab, I list the same item three times, so that I can allocate each Split amount per customer as billable. Example:

Check to a Graphic Artist for $3,000, Items tab, I list the Subcontractor Service item as $1,000 for each of the Three Customer Names.


That's why this is called Splits. Please see the attachment for a timesheet allocation of tasks.


In QB Online, it is the same concept: you list the Service item three times, so that you are allocating it from the Purchase transaction.

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