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Transferring funds between A/P accounts

We are an animal rescue.  We have 2 checking accounts and 2 corresponding A/R and A/P accounts.  One account is for strictly grant funds, so there is a Grant Receivable account and Grants Payable.  The 2nd account is for all other expenses, so they are the standard A/R and A/P.

We have a grant that allows us to pay for spay or neuter of cats and dogs.  Cats are paid in full, dogs have a $75.00 co-pay.  Our veterinarian charges all our expenses to our credit card.  When we are billed for the dogs, our vet will credit us the $75 when a co-payment is made, then charge us the full spay/neuter charge.  It is easier for them, terribly confusing for me trying to keep track of which co-payment goes with who.  Especially when I don't get any of the invoices/credits.

When we receive our billing statement, our vet will charge us for any services done since the last billing, including the co-pay credits.

On one particular statement, we were charged $125.00 for a cat and credited $150.00 for 2 co-payments as well as about $170.00 for all other services.  My CC was charged $145.00 total (125-150+170=145).  The problem is, the remaining $25.00 credit, remaining in the Grants Payable account from the co-pays, was used against the $170.00 in the A/P account.  

How do I transfer the $25.00 credit from the Grants Payable side to the regular A/R side and have it reduce the unused credits available in the Bill Payments screen under the Grants Payable.  Or, how do I get QB to allow me to show the $25.00 credit on my CC, and then I can pay the $170.00 bills.  That would balance me out to $140.00.

Without a solution to this issue, I can't reconcile my CC.

Thank you

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Transferring funds between A/P accounts

Because of the way QB works, Vendor Bills are only charged against the standard A/P account.  What you might be able to do is create a Bill whose line item is your second A/P account. (I have not tried this yet), then the charges that are for your second A/P will get credited to that A/P as well as create a Bill that can be paid with a cc charge or check against regular A/P.  You may or may not need a dummy bank clearing account to complete the process but try the Bill against A/P (you can only have one A/P charge line item and it must have a name attached per transaction)

Level 2

Transferring funds between A/P accounts

Hi John-pero

I finally got the issue resolved, using much of what you suggested.  What I did was, create a dummy bill, in the vendor's name, itemized it as an adjustment, for the $25 that remained in the Grants Payable account.  Then applied it to the $25 credit.  That cleared the remaining $25 in the credits.  I then created a credit under the A/P side for the same $25, again itemizing it as an adjustment.  I then paid the $170, took the $25 credit against the bills and ended up with the $145 I needed to pay. Not the neatest thing in the world, but at least it worked.


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