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Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

I am writing to urgently request the reinstatement of my QuickBooks Payments account [removed], and the immediate release of associated funds.


Key Points:


1. Account Closure: The sudden account closure has severely disrupted my construction business, Dream Home Club - Renovations LLC, impacting daily operations.

2. Compliance: I wish to emphasize my full compliance with QuickBooks Payments’ terms and conditions.

3. $20,000 Payment: I provided the contract validating a legitimate $20,000 payment, entirely within the scope of my business.

4. Identity Verification: I have diligently provided all requested identity documentation, and my business website accurately represents my operations.

5. Zero Chargebacks: There have been no chargebacks, disputes, or fraudulent activities associated with my account.

6. Large Transaction Volumes: My monthly transaction volumes align with industry standards for construction businesses.

7. Terms of Termination: The Agreement’s terms support my request for reinstatement:

• No breach of Payment Instrument Payment Application (PIPA).
• No violations of obligations.
• No irregular transactions.
• Full compliance with material terms.
• No involvement in bankruptcy or legal proceedings.
• No Card Brands’ request for termination.
• Absence from high-risk merchant databases.
• No harm to Card Brand goodwill.

8. Funds Release: I urgently request the release of funds exceeding $20,000. The Agreement does not mention withholding such funds, and this situation requires immediate resolution.


I kindly request the prompt reinstatement of my account, which aligns with my full compliance with your terms. Additionally, I urge a thorough review of your account management team’s training to prevent similar errors in the future. I am well-informed, fully compliant, and have successfully resolved multiple legal disputes in the past.


In the event that my request is not promptly addressed, please be aware that I am prepared to take the following legal actions:


1. Complaint with Banking Commission: I will file a formal complaint with the Banking Commission in the state where QuickBooks Payments is registered.

2. Attorneys Involvement: I will contact a Commercial Litigation Attorney, Consumer Protection Attorney, Financial & Payment Dispute Attorney, and Contract Attorney.

3. Social Media Exposure: I will publicly address this issue on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and various online forums to raise awareness about QuickBooks Payments’ questionable practices to prevent new users from signing up and existing users from experiencing similar holds in the future.

4. BBB and Law Enforcement: I will escalate this matter to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and seek assistance from both local and federal law enforcement authorities.

5. Class Action Lawsuit: In the event that QuickBooks Payments continues to withhold funds, I will actively explore the possibility of initiating a class-action lawsuit. I believe that there are many other customers who have been subjected to similar treatment and who may join me in seeking legal recourse.


I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and seek a swift resolution.


Miguel [removed]



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QuickBooks Team

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

I understand the inconvenience caused by the unexpected closure of your QuickBooks Payments account, dreamhomeclub. I can imagine how frustrating and disruptive it must be for your business.


We understand the urgency of this matter and want to assure you that we are fully committed to resolving it as quickly as possible. To ensure your account receives the attention it deserves, we recommend contacting our dedicated QuickBooks Payments Support team. They have the expertise to thoroughly investigate the cause of the sudden closure and work towards reinstating your account promptly, allowing you to resume your business operations without further interruption.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help (?) icon at the top.
  2. On the Assistant tab, click Talk to a human.
  3. Enter your concern in the Type something field, then click the Send icon.
  4. Click on I still need a human.
  5. Select Get help from a human.
  6. You can either select Chat with us or Have us call you.


To ensure prompt assistance, please refer to our support availability.


Once everything is all set, it is recommended to check the deposit speed of your account to verify why some funds are still on hold and determine when they'll reflect in your account. 


Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. We value your business and look forward to assisting you further.

Level 2

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

I appreciate your prompt response and the provided guidance. However, the urgency of my situation necessitates immediate action to reinstate my QuickBooks Payments account and release the associated funds.


The sudden account closure has caused significant disruptions to my business operations, including the retention of a substantial sum owed to my customer.


It’s crucial to resolve this matter promptly.

I have initiated the process through the recommended channels but, regrettably, the issue remains unresolved, and the funds continue to be withheld.


Given the urgency, I kindly request direct review and intervention by your team to identify and rectify the cause of the account closure. Additionally, I urge prioritization of the release of the funds associated with my account.


I remain willing to provide any necessary information or documentation to facilitate a swift resolution. Please understand that this issue is adversely affecting both my business and my customer’s project timeline.


In the absence of immediate resolution, I must explore all available legal options to protect my interests, including filing formal complaints, seeking legal counsel, and raising awareness about this issue on various platforms.


I trust that QuickBooks Payments values its customers and their businesses and will take the necessary steps to rectify this situation promptly.





QuickBooks Team

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

Having timely access to funds is essential for financial stability and business operations, dreamhomeclub. 


At QuickBooks, we strive to ensure our customers have a smooth and seamless experience. With our reliable and efficient services, you can always count on us to support you to keep your finances in order. 


That said, you'll want to reach out to us via chat or call. One of our representatives will conduct a thorough investigation to identify any existing or potential roadblocks that may have been why your account was closed.


Also, please be aware that we removed your full name and business name from your post due to data privacy and security reasons.

Additionally, here are some articles that you can read to learn how to send a pay-enabled invoice and manage client deposits:



The Community is here to help you every step of the way, so if you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask. Your success is important to us, and we're dedicated to helping you confidently navigate your financial journey. Have a great day!

Level 2

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

I kindly request that my case be escalated to the dedicated department for immediate investigation. Due to difficulties in promptly reaching the risk management team through the provided channels, I urgently need direct phone contact to address the account closure mistake.


I want to emphasize my full compliance with all terms, including the Payment Instrument Payment Application (PIPA), and my commitment to QuickBooks Payments’ policies.

Level 2

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

I kindly request that my case be escalated to either Tier 2 or 3 support, as it requires a deeper level of expertise and resolution.


Your assistance at this advanced level would be greatly appreciated.

Level 2

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

I firmly believe that my case with QuickBooks Payments may be more of a misunderstanding or a temporary hold rather than a clear violation of terms. To expedite resolution, I kindly request that this matter be escalated to Tier 2 or 3.


Here are the key factors supporting my request:


• A legitimate contract is in place for a substantial payment.

• I have meticulously adhered to QuickBooks Payments’ terms and have submitted all necessary documentation promptly.

• My account has maintained a clean record, free from chargebacks or disputes.

• My business operations consistently align with the established norms and standards of our industry.

• It’s important to note that my account is relatively new, and the payment processing of $20,000 doesn’t appear to meet any criteria that would warrant an account hold.

• While I understand the need for a risk department for new accounts, I have provided ample evidence to establish the legitimacy of my business. Generalizations should not lead to the closure of an account when it is fully compliant with the Intuit Payments Acceptable Use Policy.

• I have thoroughly reviewed the termination section of the terms, and under oath, I assure that I have not violated any point within that section.

Level 1

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

I totally understand you. But this seem like a technical issue maybe, if you don’t get your account resolve let’s connect. I’ll help you take all necessary steps on a class lawsuit. There is currently 458 people involved in this bad business practice of quick books. We need 42 more to move with this. We are here to support u

Level 10

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

@Lawsuitslove   Sadly, it's not a technical issue.  Intuit/ QB is CONSTANTLY closing payment accounts without cause or reason.  Then, the Intuit/ QB customer has no choice, after begging and pleading this Godforsaken company, but to wait the 270 days to collect it from their own state.  


A class action lawsuit is VERY much needed for this.  It is ridiculous what Intuit/ QB is doing to their customers.  It needs to be put to a stop. 


Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

I appreciate you for reaching out to us requesting for immediate investigation, dreamhomeclub.


We've seen your case and I want to assure you that it has already been escalated to our Tier 2 support team, which specializes in handling cases like yours. 


While we strive to expedite the resolution process, please allow a few days for our Tier 2 team to conduct a thorough investigation and provide you with a comprehensive response. If you do not receive a resolution within the next couple of days or have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again, and we will be here to follow up on your case.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have other concerns. 

Level 1

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

How can we join the class action? This happened to us as well. It's really been burdensome for a small business like us who our trying to get our business up and running.

Level 1

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

Count us in. Let us know how we can join the class action.

Level 1

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

How can i join this class action as well? this is currently happening to me?!

Level 1

Urgent Account Reinstatement Request and $20,000 Payment Resolution

Was this lawsuit ever filed because I'd be willing to join. Quickbooks is essentially forcing me out of business because I can't pay employees or bills due to them holding my money. They can't even give me a good reason why. Every person I talk to gives me a different answer. 

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