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Custom Fields


We are configuring Quickbooks Time and I have a question about custom fields.

We need to collect time from our team members at the task and subtask level.


For example...

>>>they will select the project/customer "Smith Remodel"

>>>then they will select from the task list I have created in the estimate function "Phase 1" 

>>>then they will select a subtask from a list of items related to "Phase 1" - for example "Demo Kitchen"


I need my team members to not have to wade through ALL the subtasks available across all our projects.

The Tasks are project specific but I don't see how to set up a custom field where I can control the list values based on the project, or ideally, the tasks selected.


Thoughts? Is this possible?

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QuickBooks Team

Custom Fields

Thank you for visiting the Community, LianaF.


Simplifying the process of choosing subtasks for all projects will help save time for your business and allow you to complete other tasks. I'm here to shed some light on the custom fields feature. 


The ability to control the list values of a custom field based on the chosen project or tasks is unavailable in Quickbooks Time at the moment. Introducing this feature would reduce the time spent searching for the right options. Let's forward your product suggestion to our engineers for consideration in future releases.


 Here's how:


  1. Tap the question mark icon and choose Suggest Idea.
  2. This action will display a screen that lets you input your thoughts and suggestions about the product.
  3. Enter a brief description of the feature you'd like to include in the program or improvements.
  4. Click the Send Idea button to submit. 


Check out the QuickBooks Blog to stay updated on the newest improvements and features incorporated into all QuickBooks products. You'll discover valuable tips and resources to help expand your business.


Explore the links below for detailed instructions on managing projects and effectively using project posts and the activity feed in QuickBooks Time:



Keep me posted if you need further clarification about using the custom fields feature and managing your projects. I'm always ready to provide the help and guidance you need. Enjoy your weekend, LianaF.

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