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Holiday hours replaced with regular hours

For the first time this week, I received Timesheet Export Errors for several (but not all) employees that states the following:


"Exporting 8.00 "Holiday" hours as "regular" because the user doesn't have a payroll item assigned for that time off code."


I have reviewed the employees in question and all seem to be set up in QB correctly.  Any thoughts?

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Holiday hours replaced with regular hours

Let's work together and help fix the error, NortheastSolar.


Typically, once the payroll item for the "Holiday" is assigned appropriately to all employees, QuickBooks will correctly export the hours as Holiday instead of treating them as Regular hours.


To ensure accuracy, let's review and confirm the assigned Payroll item for each employee/user in QuickBooks Time. Please ensure you have either Admin access or Payroll Admin privileges to proceed with this task.


Once the verified and the payroll items are correctly assigned to the employees, I suggest contacting our QB Time support. They will be happy to assist and troubleshoot the issue for you.


After everything is exported to your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll account, you can utilize the payroll reporting features in QBDT. These reports enable you to efficiently handle payroll taxes and keep track of employee expenses.


Get back to the Community if you require additional help regarding exporting hours and related issues. We're always here to lend a hand.

Level 1

Holiday hours replaced with regular hours

Referencing your comments below how do I "review and confirm the assigned Payroll item for each employee/user in QuickBooks Time".  I have confirmed payroll items are correctly set up in QB Desktop

QuickBooks Team

Holiday hours replaced with regular hours

I'll guide you on how you can review the assigned Payroll item for your employees, NortheasetSolar.


When mapping payroll items by employee, it sets a default payroll item for each type of hours your employees track. You'll want to check the Payroll Item Mapping Tool and go over each of the employee lists. For each type of hour your employee tracks, there will be one payroll item assigned to those hours in QuickBooks. You can follow the steps outlined below:


  1. In QuickBooks Time, select the QuickBooks dropdown, then Preferences.
  2. Select the Payroll Item Mapping Tool.
  3. On the Map Employees tab, select an employee's name.
  4. In each hour type column, select one payroll item for each. Selections are saved automatically.
  5. (Optional) To download a spreadsheet, select Employee CSV.
  6. Once finished, close the window.


If you use advanced overtime options, you’ll need to map any employee overtime payroll items within Pay Rate Engine Settings:


  1. In the Payroll Item Mapping Tool, select Manage next to the Overtime rule name in the employee payroll item details.
  2. In the Pay Rate Engine, look for any setting and rule labeled.
  3. Choose a rule to map it. Any Overtime pay item from QuickBooks will appear in a dropdown next to QuickBooks pay item.


You may prefer not to do any mapping, you can have your employees select their payroll items when they clock in and out. For more details, check out this article for more information: Map QuickBooks Payroll Items In QuickBooks Time.


Moreover, if a timesheet already has a rule applied to it, another rule can't be applied to that time. So, if there are overlapping or conflicting rules, only one rule will be applied. Go through this article for reference: Customize Overtime Calculations In QuickBooks Time


Let me know if there's any help you need when reviewing the payroll items of your employees. I'll be one post away if you need further assistance.

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