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QB Time to QBO Integration Issues



A client I work with is setting up QB Time to have their employees record time and then will pass those hours off to a 3rd party to process payroll.  The issue they are trying to work around is when they try to bill that time, on a person by person basis, against a project, the handoff between Time and QBO isn't bringing over the employee name or bill rate even with the bill rate and billable boxes checked, see attachment.  There are just lots of holes with key information missing to be able to effectively add Time to and Invoice on a Project.  This client is a staffing company and is about to start a 3-year contract with 60 employees per week.  They need all of the pieces to flow cleanly into QBO for invoicing purposes.


Also, is there a way within the QBO Project Invoicing to consolidate each individual's time to a single line versus having 5 lines per person X 60 people listed on each invoice?


Thank you.


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QuickBooks Team

QB Time to QBO Integration Issues

Hello there, jeffstuber1967.


I'll provide details on how the integration process works between QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online accounts. I've also taken steps to ensure that the data from both programs sync efficiently.


Please keep in mind that while connecting time between your QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online accounts, the billable settings in both applications need to be enabled. This is done to ensure that each employee's billable time activity from QB Time to QBO synchronizes successfully. 


Based on your statement, you appear to have completed the process on the QB Time side. So, here's how to do it with QuickBooks Online:


  1. From QuickBooks Online, click the Gear icon .
  2. Choose Accounts and settings.
  3. Go to the Time tab, then Timesheet.
  4. Turn on Allow time to be billable.
  5. Click Save, then Done.


On the other hand, consolidating each individual's time into a single line within the QBO Project Invoicing is currently unavailable. This is because each billable hour will be displayed as a separate line item when the transaction is invoiced.


For now, you can consider manually calculating each individual's time and entering a consolidated billable timesheet for the employee so it will appear as a single line in the invoice.


In case you need steps on how to resolve an authentication error that you might encounter while syncing data from both QuickBooks, you can read this article: Fix an error when syncing hours between QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online.


You're always free to reply whenever you have additional concerns regarding how data works from QB Time to QBO. I'll be here to help you further, jeffstuber1967. Have a great day! 

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QB Time to QBO Integration Issues



Here is a screen shot of the Account and Settings in QBO.  The Allow billable was already turned on.  We set the billable rate for each individual in QBO, but I don't see where I would set that rate in Time. Am I missing it? 



Also, in the initial post, I shared a screen shot that showed the Add to Invoice.  That showed Billable Time, by date, and "Accounting Services".  That didn't say who had performed the work.  When I click on the Open I get the image shown on page 2 of the previous post attachment.  You see that the entry coming over from Time did not include the billable/hr rate and the Description, which is there because I put that in the description box tied to hours for that project and date.


I would like to get this ironed out for their smaller projects, but I will relay to them that aggregating the employee's hours is going to have to be done manually.





QB Time to QBO Integration Issues

I appreciate your immediate response and providing more details about this, Jeff. Let's work together in configuring your client's QuickBooks Time account so they can record billable transactions accordingly.


Billable product or service items from QuickBooks Online (QBO) won't automatically sync to QuickBooks Time. You'll have to manually enter each of them in Time. To do this, here's how:


  1. Go to Customer.
  2. Click + Add.
  3. In the Name field, enter the service you want to make billable to your employees.
  4. Enter a Shortcode for easy tracking.
  5. If the service item applies to all employees, tick the Assign to all team members box. If not, click the Edit icon beside it.
  6. Select a Team Member/Employee who is assigned to that billable service item. Once done, click the go-back arrow above.
  7. Click Save.


After that, add the billable rate to the employee. Here's how:


  1. Go to Time Entries.
  2. Select your employee in the Team Member field.
  3. Fill in the necessary info. In the Customer field, pick the service item we assigned to this employee.
  4. Select Yes in the Billable. Then, enter the rate in the Billable Rate.
  5. Once you're done entering all the information, click Save.


Moreover, we can see the benefits of integrating items from QBO to QuickBooks Time in managing projects. We'd like to hear your feedback to help improve the features and your experience with the product.


Once everything is all set, approve your client's employee timesheets and sync them to their QBO account.


If there's anything else that we can help you with in managing your client's QuickBooks Time account, please let us know in the comments. We'll be here to lend a hand.

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