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The sales number keep going back to the certain date numbers

Quickbooks Workforce app keep changing back to the certain date's sales number


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QuickBooks Team

The sales number keep going back to the certain date numbers

Welcome to the Community space, @Marichan.


I am here to share some insights about the sales number that keeps returning to a certain date in QuickBooks Time.


First, can you confirm if the sales number you're referring to is the item on the timesheet? If so, I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the Workforce app on your IOS or Android phone.


However, please make sure to sync any timesheet data stored on your mobile device with the web dashboard before uninstalling the app. Otherwise, you may end up losing all your timesheet data.


Moreover, I'm adding this helpful article as your reference for troubleshooting common issues in QuickBooks Workforce: Troubleshoot QuickBooks Workforce (formerly QuickBooks Time mobile app).


Come back to this post if you have other concerns regarding your timesheet items in the QuickBooks Workforce app. I'll be here to lend a hand. Have a good one!


Level 1

The sales number keep going back to the certain date numbers

I did deleted the app and reinstalled it and it worked.  Thank you.  I also have another issue.   I cannot see total hours I worked.  The fonts are doubled.

QuickBooks Team

The sales number keep going back to the certain date numbers

Thank you for the prompt response, Marichan.

I'm here to help you to see your total hours and fix your fonts on your device.


First off, let's try to open your account in a browser if we see the total hours of your work. If you see it, we can perform troubleshooting for your mobile app.


Here's how to view the total hours worked:


  1. Go to Time Entries and select Timesheets.
  2. Choose the date range (Week, Month, etc.) at the top, then jump backward or forward in time using < and > to view all your timesheets.


For more detailed steps you can check this one: View total hours worked in QuickBooks Time.


Here are the steps for troubleshooting for mobile app:

  1. Change the Wifi data connection on your device to 4G (varies by device).
  2. Close and restart the app.
  3. Clear app data. To do this:
    1. Open your device Settings.
    2. Select Apps (varies by device).
    3. Choose the QuickBooks app from the list, then select Storage.
    4. Select clear data.
  4. Power down and restart your device.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the app.


If you can't see your total hours, I recommend contacting our customer support team. They have the necessary tools to conduct further research and provide you with the assistance you need.

Also, please take note of the system requirements of the app to make sure it works smoothly. Here's an article where you can see the list: QuickBooks Online Access For Mobile Devices.


I'd also recommend checking out these articles for more reference about using the app:



Keep me updated in the comments if you have further questions about your total hours in QuickBooks Online. I'm just a reply away. Keep safe and have a good one. 



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