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Workforce app

I have two new employees that accepted the invitation to Workforce and downloaded the app.  However, there is no place to clock in and out in the app.  Has anyone else had this issue?

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QuickBooks Team

Workforce app

I understand the importance of tracking time in Workforce, Michelle.


Once your employees accept your QuickBooks Workforce invites, they can view their W-2s, paycheck details, time off balances, and total pay for the year. They can also track your time in and off in the mobile app.


Since your employees can't clock in and out, I recommend asking them to log out of the app. Then log back in. Doing so refreshes their account so that the updates take effect. Also, make sure they're using the correct email when logging in.


After they log in, you can share this article for the tutorial in tracking the time: View your Pay Stubs, Time off, and Year-to-date Pay in QuickBooks Workforce.


In case they encounter any error messages, please let us know. This way, we can provide additional troubleshooting steps to fix this. A screenshot would be a great help, too.


Moreover, I've added this article to help your employees understand the income tax on their paychecks and ensure it's accurate: Pay Info Looks Wrong.


Please keep us posted if you need additional assistance managing your payroll and employees. We're always here to help you out.

Level 1

Workforce app

My employees are having the same issue, but specifically with android! Did you find a solution to this?

Level 3

Workforce app

@Mollymoo77 It was Android for us also.  They deleted and reinstalled the app a couple of times, then somehow it started working.  Doesn't make sense, but it worked!

QuickBooks Team

Workforce app

Hello there, @Mollymoo77. Allow me to share some information that will allow your employees to use the clock-in and clock-out feature of the workforce app.


To begin, make sure the app is updated. Then, ensure that the admin grants the Mobile Time Entry permission to use the Workforce app. If they don’t, you’re employees will get an error when attempting to clock in on the app.


Here's how to enable the permission:


  1. The admin needs to log in to the web dashboard and select My Team.
  2. Open the team member profile, and select Permissions.
  3. Turn on Mobile time entry.
  4. Once you sync, you should be able to start tracking time on the app.


To sync:


  1. Open the app, and go to More.
  2. Select Settings, then tap Help & Support.
  3. Click Sync data
  4. At the bottom of the app, choose Track Time.
  5. Select Time clock, and search for your job or customer to determine if the sync worked.
  6. If that doesn't work, make sure you assign the jobs or customers to team members.
  7. If it still doesn't sync, we need to reset the app.


To reset:


  1. Before resetting the app, make sure any timesheet data stored on your mobile device has synced with the web dashboard. Otherwise, your timesheet data will be lost. 
  2. In the app, select More, then Settings, and select Reset App.
  3. Select Reset App to confirm.


If this still doesn't resolve your issue, uninstall and reinstall the app.


Moreover, you can refer to this article for more details: Troubleshoot QuickBooks Workforce (formerly QuickBooks Time mobile app).


Additionally, you can track time for your team by submitting them through the QuickBooks Workforce app.


Let me if you need further assistance with your employee's time management. I'll be here to assist in any way I can. Have a great day.

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