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We have assembly parts that we keep in stock that are then assembled into kits.  I have some questions:

1.  The assembly is done by an outside warehouse and they would like a "Purchase Order" as a notification for them to begin assembling.  My question is that if I create a Purchase Order for the assembled kits, what will that do to my inventory behind the scenes?  Will QB think that I'm adding those assembled kits to my inventory, or will it take the parts and transfer them in to the assembled kits?

2. If QB adds the kits to inventory, is there such a thing as a "Work Order" instead that I can use to notify the warehouse to begin the assembly process?

3.  Is there a report that I can use to view what items are currently on purchase orders?

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an assembly is a unique item made of other items, think desk made from wood
a kit, usually a group item in QB, is a nickname for parts sold together, think welcome basket

If an outside company building something for you, from your parts there are a couple of issues
how do they get your parts?
do they ship the final product or send it to you

a purchase order is non posting, it is nothing more than a memo and does not affect the accounting or the stock levels

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I could see using a PO for the Assembly; and then, when you get it, that is a Build, for that date (and close the PO), so that it relieves the stock on hand and puts the finished item on hand. But that doesn't take into consideration the delay and unavailability of the components on the BOM between the PO and the Build dates.

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