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Budget Controls

When you create a budget in Quickbooks desktop, will it notify you if you are going over budget? I want to be alerted that we are job costing more expenses to a job than what was budgeted.


We are a general contractor and pull reports frequently, but sometimes we don't notice we're over-budget until the end.


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QuickBooks Team

Budget Controls

Thanks for sharing your query here with us, Gambit. I can provide insight when managing budgets in your account.


Currently, the feature to alert or notify users if they're going over budget is unavailable in the program. You can track and verify your data by running reports when handling budgets and forecasts in your file. To help you do this:


  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Hover over Budgets & Forecasts, and then choose Budget vs. Actual.
  3. From the Budget Report window, click the drop-down arrow.
  4. Choose the specific account you want to run and then Next.
  5. Click the Select a report layout for the budget report drop-down arrow, then choose Account by Month.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Click Finish to create the report.


I'm sharing this article for more details: Create a budget or forecast in QuickBooks Desktop.


In case you require additional guidance in reviewing data on your account, you can customize them to add specific information on your business finances.


I'll keep this thread available, so you can always reply anytime you need further help managing tasks in your file. Feel free to let me know below, and I'll make sure to get you covered. Keep safe!

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