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Bulk Edit Transactions

How do I edit multiple transactions at once? I'm trying to change the account from "Square" to "Cash on Hand" for some of the transactions.

I use Square POS to track cash transactions and credit card. I'm using an app to automatically sync transactions to quickbooks. All transactions including cash ones got created under my account in Quickbooks called "Square bank account". However, a lot of those should actually be under "cash on hand".

I can easily filter and get a list of those transactions, but it doesn't looks like there is a batch edit button for changing the account or any other transaction details. 


These instructions look promising, but I don't have a button for "Accountant tools" even after I switch to "accountant view" on QuickBooks Online.

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Bulk Edit Transactions

You have to open a QBO Accountant to utilize that feature. Use a different email address to have a QBO Accountant account.


Bulk Edit Transactions

Hello there, @zechdc.


In addition to what @Fiat Lux - ASIA mentioned, you can switch between two user views (business and accountant) anytime without affecting your account or data in QuickBooks Online (QBO). You're able to edit multiple transactions and change the account from square to cash on hand by undoing them from your list of categorized entries and then selecting the Update button in the Banking menu.

  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Select your bank account and click the Categorized tab.
  3. Choose the affected transactions and click the Undo button.
  4. Go to the For Review tab and select the transactions that should have the same category. You'll have to select the transactions from the same payee.
  5. Click the Update button.
  6. Select the right payee, category/account, class, and location (optional).
  7. Click Apply or Apply and accept.


On the other hand, you can also categorize your expenses at once from the Expenses page. Just select the Batch actions drop-down menu then choose the Categorize selected option.


You can learn more about managing your Square transactions in QBO by checking out this article: Sync Square with QuickBooks Online. It also contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about the app and QuickBooks.


Please know that you're always welcome to comment below if you have other concerns or follow-up inquiries about categorizing transactions in QBO. I'm just around to help. Take care always.

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Bulk Edit Transactions

I'm not using the official "Sync Square" app. The reviews looked pretty bad. Instead I'm using the app called "Synder".

It classifies all transactions as belonging to a "square bank account" but this doesn't actually show up in the "Banking > Banking" menu of QBO. 

I'm going to create a Quickbooks Accountant account and see how that works. 

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Bulk Edit Transactions

Had a hard time finding the sign up form to create a new "Quickbooks Accountant" account.


  1. Sign up here
    1. Tip: You can use the same email address if you add a + to your address. For example, if my email is [email address removed], I can sign up with an email like [email address removed]. You will still get all emails, everything after the + is ignored when sending/receiving emails. 
  2. After I signed up, I signed back into my QBO account and invited the new accountant account I created.
  3. Then I was able to reclassify while logged into my new Accountant account by following these instructions
  4. For my case, using Synder, they create a single customer account called "Square customer" for all cash transactions. This made it easy to filter by all transactions with that customer. 

Unfortunately, when I tried to change the account it said "We can't apply those changes". I can change each on individually, but not in bulk


Bulk Edit Transactions

Hi zechdc,


At this time, I recommend reaching out to our Phone Support team. We have agents there that can take a look at your account and verify what's causing the error.


Here's how you can contact them:


  1. Click the ? Help button.
  2. Enter, Talk to a human.
  3. Enter a brief description of your concerns.
  4. Select I still need a human.
  5. From there, select Chat.


Feel free to tag my name if you need help. Keep safe!

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