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Calculation of percentage change in reports

I am hoping that someone in the QBO community can help me with an issue I'm having.


When I create a report that calculates a percent difference (e.g., % Change, % of Budget), the resulting value is not correct. The answer is displayed to two decimal places, but the two places are always .00%. For example, in the first line of the attached file, 420 as a percentage of 470 is displayed as 89.00%. If the value were displayed with no decimal places, 89% would be correct. However, since QB displays two decimal places, the value should be accurate to two decimal places (89.36%). Otherwise, the result is claiming a level of precision that does not exist (does anyone remember learning significant digits in their high school chemistry class?).


I understand that QBO does not allow me to change the number of decimal places – it is stuck at two. If I could change the number of places to zero, this issue would not exist for me.


QBO support has been no help with this. Any ideas or suggestions? The reports should be correct so that I don't have to import them into another program in order to fix them.



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Calculation of percentage change in reports

Hello @JAM3guitar,


It seems that you've created a duplicate post about this query. My colleague, @Mark_R, already posted his response in the other thread. Here's the link for faster navigation:


Just in case you need help with some future concerns, you can always visit our QuickBooks Community page to search for related topics. You can also utilize the Topics and Training tab to learn more about how you can work well with QuickBooks Online and its related features.


Keep me notified if you need further assistance. I’ll be around to help. Stay safe!

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Calculation of percentage change in reports

I didn't mean to create a duplicate post. What I was trying to do was post to the community of users who may have an idea of what to do. Sometimes the users have already figured out a way around problems, even if the support people do not know the answer.


Is there a way to contact people who use the program and know it well?

QuickBooks Team

Calculation of percentage change in reports

Yes, there is, JAM3guitar.


You can get in touch with our experts to help you handle your business needs. I recommend checking out this link:, to find one.


You can also visit our QuickBooks blog from time to time. This way, you'll always stay updated with all the latest product improvements.


Additionally, you can check out our Help articles page for reference. There, you can read articles that will guide you in completing your future tasks.


You can always share your concern here in the Community. We'll do our best to help you out.

Level 2

Calculation of percentage change in reports

Again, I am frustrated because people are not reading my emails. I was not looking for an accountant, I was looking for a user of the program who is more knowledgable than customer support.


No need to respond. I'm giving up.

Level 2

Calculation of percentage change in reports

I keep getting emails asking, "Did it solve your problem?" The answer is no. I cannot click "Accept as Solution" when there has been no solution provided. I have called customer support and have provided feedback through the program, but I have heard nothing back.

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