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Changing Accounts Payable to Other Current Liabilities


Our Chart of Accounts was not properly set up and payroll withholding is currently listed under accounts payable. I am needing to change this over to Other Current Liabilities, but am receiving an error message saying, "you can't change the account type AP to be another account type." 


I tried creating new accounts in an attempt to switch them over, but am unable to delete the original withholding AP accounts since although they are at a zero balance, they contain data from a prior month.


How do I go about rectifying this?

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Re: Changing Accounts Payable to Other Current Liabilities

Hi Jennifer... are you just doing the change for your payroll transactions to show up in the correct chart of account? 


If this is the case, you can try updating your accounting preferences for Payroll. Learn more about this here:

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