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claim medical expenses as premiums for deduction?

i know i can deduct my health insurance premium as a self employed person for me and my family. can i also mark all other medical bills, dental, as premiums, so they would be deducted (given they reach a certain amount depending on your income)? or is there a different category to mark them as? i have over 7.000 usd in medical bills, i would i think i could deduct them for the tax year

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claim medical expenses as premiums for deduction?

Definitely questions for your Accountant...  Here's my thoughts, to prime you for that discussion so you're not shocked with what they may tell you.


Remember there is a difference between your business and personal expenses. 


Your Premiums could be a business expense, but your families might not be.  So the Accountant may split the Premium between an biz expense and an Owner Draw (you pay) or some other category.  Then again, if the policy is to cover you and it HAPPENS to include family, all of it could be a legitimate biz expense. 


Your medical payments for any work related injuries could be a biz expense, but all none biz medical and your family's medical would all be Personal expenses (and should not be paid by the company accounts).  And yes, after a certain amount of expense, based on income, you can write those expenses off your Personal Taxes. 



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