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Cleared check button now showing up even though it's cleared.

See attached.  After reconciling, everything is cleared.  When I am reading the transactions some of them have a "check" and some don't but they are all cleared.  


How do we fix this?  Thank you. 

QuickBooks Team

Cleared check button now showing up even though it's cleared.

Hi there, earldacook. Thanks for reaching out to the Community. I appreciate your screenshots, that helps me better understand what you're encountering.

Since all of your transactions are cleared, but some aren't showing checkmarks in their Clr column on reports, I'd recommend using the Verify Data utility. It identifies known issues within company files and informs users if their Rebuild Data tool needs to be utilized afterwards.

Here's how it's used:

  1. In your top menu bar, go to File.
  2. Choose Utilities.
  3. Select Verify Data.
  4. Click OK to close all windows.

In the event its results show a "Your data has lost integrity," message, this indicates there's damage in your file. You can use the Rebuild Data utility to fix it. For specific errors, there may already be a resource about them on our support site.

If it displays a "QuickBooks detected no problems with your data," notification, or you've searched our help articles and didn't find any existing resources about the specific error it displayed, you'll want to get in touch with our Customer Care team. They'll be able to pull up your account in a secure environment, conduct further research, and create an investigation ticket if necessary.

I'll be here to help if there's any questions. Have a fantastic day!

Level 2

Cleared check button now showing up even though it's cleared.

I just did and it says I don't need to fix / rebuild anything.  This is weird. 


1) when I go to the COA and then the bank accounts, they all show the clearing.  

2) Same things with COA with a credit card. 


The only place it's not showing is the attached picture.  Is there a setting missing on this report??  Thank you.

QuickBooks Team

Cleared check button now showing up even though it's cleared.

Thanks for coming back for more support, @earldacook. I appreciate you for following the steps shared by my peer. 


I've got you other troubleshooting steps here to help you resolve this issue. First off, let's ensure you have the latest version for your QuickBooks Mac copy so you'll have the latest features and fixes.


Then, let's isolate this issue for a possible data-damaged. Here's what you need to perform:


  1. Verify the integrity of the company file
    1. Click File.
    2. Choose Utilities.
    3. Select Verify Data.
  2. If a problem is detected:
      1. Go to File.
      2. Select Utilities. 
      3. Choose Rebuild Data.
      4. Run the Verify Data from step 1 one more time.
    1. If it still fails, restore a backup or contact technical support.
  3. Safe Boot
    1. Reboot your computer.
    2. Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard until you see your Desktop.
    3. Open QuickBooks and perform the same task you were trying to complete before the Crash Catcher appeared.
  4. Add New Mac OS user
    1.  Open System Preferences.
    2.  Choose the Users & Groups icon.
    3.  Select the + button to add a new user with Administrator permissions.
    4.  Log in with this new user.
    5.  Open QuickBooks, then try to reproduce the issue.


Let me know if you have other questions. I'm always here to help.

Level 2

Cleared check button now showing up even though it's cleared.



I did all of those.  Verified software up to date, verify utilities and restarted as new user.  The same thing happens.  


I think this has to be a setting somewhere.  When I open the check or bank account, it always says it's cleared.  It only happens when I'm in the balance sheet, open the bank ledger and then the CLR doesn't have an X.  


Do you need a screenshot? 

QuickBooks Team

Cleared check button now showing up even though it's cleared.

I want to make sure this is taken care of, @earldacook.


I appreciate your time and efforts to fix your reconciled transactions. I'd like to redirect you to the right support group available to get this addressed right away.


Since the system still not showing all cleared transactions after performing the troubleshooting steps, I highly suggest reaching out to our QuickBooks Support Team. This way, they can further investigate this matter and provide additional troubleshooting steps to get this resolved. They can also create an investigation ticket if other users are experiencing the same.


To reach them, you can use this link to chat directly with a live agent that can help with your concern.


You might want to read this user guide to know how to manage your business using QBDT for Mac: Get QuickBooks Desktop user guides.


Please know you can continue to reach me here with any additional questions. Thanks for coming to the Community, wishing you continued success.

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