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Comparative Sales/Purchase Dollar and Units Sold Reports of Items

We use QB Enterprise land we run various retail convenience stores, what we are looking for is a report that can be run on Items from the inventory module that will give us comparative reporting in dollars and or units sold our purchased.  For example we sell gasoline and each grade is an Item, i.e., Regular, Plus, Premium and Diesel Fuel.  What we would like is the ability to see for example January 2020 vs January 2019 with gain/loss in dollars, units and percentage.  Curretnly, we run the Sales Summary by Item for one period then go back and run it for the second time period and manually put the two sets of data in Excel and do the calculations.  The data is in QB just not the reporting functionality.  Thanks!


Jack Milholland

Atco, inc.

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Anna S
QuickBooks Team

Comparative Sales/Purchase Dollar and Units Sold Reports of Items

Good afternoon, @jmilholland.


I hope you're having a wonderful day. Based on all the details you've provided about your Inventory reporting, I suggest running a Budget vs. Actual report and customize it to compare the current and previous years. This will allow you to compare the budget costs and actual costs of your inventory for both years. The steps below will show you how:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab, hover over Budgets & Forecasts, and click Budget vs. Actual.
  2. In the top left-hand corner, press Customize Report.
  3. Under the Display column, select Custom in the Dates drop-down and set the date range for the current year.
  4. In the columns section, check the Previous Year box.



      5. Press OK.


Now you have a report that compares January 2019 vs. January 2020. You may also find this article about customizing reports in Desktop helpful too.


Please let me know if this gets you back to business. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

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Comparative Sales/Purchase Dollar and Units Sold Reports of Items

Anna, thank you for your reply.  I was able to use the Customizing Report feature and do the attached report however it will not total, worst case I can export it to Excel and have it total the columns.  Here is how I created the named Gain(Loss):

1. Reports > Custom Reports > Help me choose

2. Create Custom Summary Report OK

3. Modify Report:  Custom Summary Report dialogue box appears

4. Under the Customize Report button sections were:

       A.  Display Tab

              i.  Under Columns box I selected

                     a. Display columns by Total Only

                     b. Display rows by Item Detail

                     c. Display columns for Quantity

                     d. Add subcolumns for, checked Previous Year and checked $ Change and % Change

     B. Filters Tab

              i.   Made a Filter selection of Item and toggled it to Multiple Items and made the selections  

              ii.  If needed I could select a Filter for Name if I wanted top drill it down by a name or names 

              iii.  Under the "Account" dropdown I selected the Multiple Accounts as items covered multi-GL#'s

     C.  Header/Footer Tab

              i.   I changed the Report Title to what I wanted it to say

              ii.  I changed the Subtitle to give me a reminder to check the Filter settings

Then I ran the repot as attached, the only thing missing as I mentioned at the beginning is a total for each of the columns that had data in it; the row columns are perfect however it needs total columns too.  If any suggestions I'm all ears.

Thanks for the reply,

Jack Milholland








Comparative Sales/Purchase Dollar and Units Sold Reports of Items

You're on the right track, @jmilholland!


Customizing your report the way you illustrated it will show the comparison of your sale's gain or loss. You'll want to export the said report as an excel file and customize it fully to see the total in columns.


You can do so by clicking the Excel button on the above tabs of your report. Here's a reference you can read about customizing your report.


I've also included this helpful article for more ideas in case you wanted to memorize the report you recently created.


Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

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