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Customer Paid Invoice report with amount paid

Good afternoon,

   Need to generate a report that lists EACH invoice for each Customer, the $ amount, amount paid and balance of each invoice.


Any idea?


Quickbooks Desktop 2019 Premier

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QuickBooks Team

Customer Paid Invoice report with amount paid

Hi there, FMW. 


Thanks for dropping by the Community today, I'm more than happy to point you in the right direction of what report to run for invoices for customers, including the dollar amount and amount paid and balance. What you're going to want to run is an Open Invoices report. This will give you all the required information to find what your customers owe and when its its due. Should you want to customize the report in anyway, you can follow these steps:

  1. Run a report.
  2. On the Report window, select Customize Report.
  3. On the Modify Report window, go to the tab/s you need to update, then select OK when you're done.

This article highlights these steps as-well-as what you can change, how to do so and much more


I'm also including an article that breaks down reports, and shows the differences between them. 

If there's anything else we can help with, feel free to post here anytime. Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day. 

Level 3

Customer Paid Invoice report with amount paid

Thank you for reply.  That is close, but not exactly.  Something that more mimics the received payment window.  ( the problem with that printed report is it doesn't show the entire list of still open invoices)


I was wanting to see columns:


Invoice #         Invoice Amount       Amount Paid   Date Paid   Check #     Invoice Bal        Open Bal

1234                    10000.00                   5,000.00        11/11/20        80        5,000.00            5,000.00


Or, report with Invoice and credit / debit



Customer Paid Invoice report with amount paid

Hi there, @FMW.


Currently, we're unable to pull up a report that would look like the receive payment window in QuickBooks Desktop.


As a workaround, I'd suggest pulling up the A/R Aging Detail report to see the invoice's open balance amount. Then customize the statement to see the credit and debit of the invoice.


You can go to Reports and then Customers & Receivables, then choose Customer Balance Detail. Once you run this report, click the Customize Report button to put a checkmark on Debit and Credit by utilizing the Columns search box. Lastly, click OK to apply the customization.


Additionally, you can also save the customization of this report by clicking the Memorize button. It will be saved in the Reports menu under Memorized Reports.


If you have other questions about running or customizing reports in QuickBooks Online, feel free to place a comment below. I'm always here to help. Stay safe and well.

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