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Customer Statements

I invoiced an account today, 02/19/19, and then previewed the statement.  The statement shows the invoice is already past due in the 1-30 days column?  How is this possible?  I am sure there are setting to chnage but I don't know where.  Any advice would be great.  Thank you.

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Customer Statements

Hello anmta,


There are different factors that can affect the data that displays on your statement such as:

  • Company settings
  • Invoice and Due dates

Let's review your Preferences if it's set up correctly:

  1. Click Edit at the top menu and select Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences window, select the Reports & Graphs menu.
  3. Go to the Company Preferences tab and change the AGING REPORTS to Age from due date or Age from transaction date.
  4. Click OK.

It's also possible that the Terms you use on the invoice causes it show as overdue. Let's check the affected invoice and correct this information:

  1. Open the affected invoice.
  2. Toggle the Terms to the correct one.
  3. Click Save & Close.

If the invoice still shows as overdue after correcting the Terms, we can review how it was set up:

  1. Click Lists at the top menu and select Customer & Vendor Profile Lists.
  2. Select Terms Lists and double-click the affected invoice term.
  3. Set up the term correctly and click OK.

Then, pull up the statements again. The information on your statement should be corrected after that.


I'd also appreciate additional details such as screenshots so I can further help you with this. Thanks in advance!

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Customer Statements



You overlooked other settings. Please learn from this input.




Go to Edit menu > Preferences. There are over 400 settings here that you control. Go to Reports & Graphs on the left, then Company Preferences on the right. Here you control: Age from Due Date, or Age from Transaction Date. Also, in Finance Charge, left; Company Preferences tab; Compute Charge from Due Date or Invoice/Billed date.

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Customer Statements

I believe the preferences are setup correctly as well.


I cannot find where to toggle the terms on an individual invoice.


All of my terms are set up correctly in the terms list menu.


Thank you.


Customer Statements

Hello there, @anmta.


Thank you for the quick response. Allow me to help share some insights about how to toggle the terms on an individual invoice.


To start, let's make sure that the Terms header is set up in your invoice template. Let me show you how to check: 

  1. Open the invoice.
  2. At the top menu, select the Formatting tab.
  3. Select Customize Data Layout
  4. Make sure the Terms check boxes are selected. 
  5. Click OK


After that, check in the invoice if you see the Terms drop-down. Select the correct the term, then select Save & Close. 

Capture 3.PNG

Once done, you can try to create the statement again to see if the invoice is posted in the right column. 


I've attached an article and some screenshots for additional reference: Use and customize form templates.


For additional help, feel free to reach out to our Customer Care support. They can use the screen share tool and help you get back to business in no time.


Here's how you can reach them: 

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Desktop company.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Click Contact us.

That should point you in the right direction today.


Stay in touch if you have any additional questions about editing the terms or creating statements in QuickBooks. I'll be happy to help you further. Have a great weekend. 

Level 15

Customer Statements



Please Learn from this input. Please show them that they should reveal Terms and Due Date for their screen view.




You cannot confirm nor control something you didn't even show on the screen to yourself. You need to Customize and enable lots of things Intuit doesn't turn on by default. Notice in the Attached example, that Intuit only starts the invoice showing Total, at the bottom. That isn't Good Enough for you or your customers. On your screen, you see three things that you need to Customize and enable in the Invoice for Print View:

Total <== This Sale

Payments/Credits Applied

Balance Due


I have no idea why Intuit doesn't start the templates with All Three Footer Fields. When a customer has a prepayment applied, and they get the Paid Invoice showing only Total at the bottom, they  call wondering why their prepayment didn't get applied or the Double-pay. It's just confusing, so Customize what you need.

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