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Deleted account question

I have a Credit Card account that was deleted and we had months of zero balance but now there is an automatic QBO entry giving it a negative balance. The balances were cleared before deletion so why has this happened?

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Deleted account question

I have some information to share with you, @Hburke.

As long the deleted account is already cleared and no associated transactions, it will no longer generate any entry that would create a negative balance.

We can utilize the Audit log feature to check if you have a recurring transaction connected to this Credit Card account. QuickBooks Online keeps track of all activities to boost efficiency, security, and performance.

Here’s how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon and select Audit log.
  2. Click Filter.
  3. To narrow the results, you can use the Filter panel to choose the appropriate User, Date, or Events.
  4. Press Apply.

If there’s none, continue to monitor if the program keeps generating an entry like this. If the issue persists, it would be great to give our phone specialist a call. They can help you figure out the root cause and know how to resolve it immediately.  

In addition to checking company history, you might want to review your Chart of Accounts to ensure it looks the way you want. The reference also provides information for you to learn more.

I’m just right in the corner if you have follow-up questions or concerns about your accounts. Always take care!

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Deleted account question

This does not sound at all like my issue. The account did have transactions in it for a few years and those were not cleared out or moved. We did a journal entry at year end to clear the balance to zero and deleted the account, then at the next year end there was an auto generated QBO transaction that posted an amount to the 3000 Equity account and left the negative balance in the account we deleted. Then again we did a JE to move the balance out and again at the next year end QBO made an auto post that again added a negative balance to the deleted account. How do we fix this and not have to keep clearing this balance out at year end with a journal entry? The account has been deleted and had no new activity in it for over 2 years.

QuickBooks Team

Deleted account question

Thanks for the clarification, @Hburke. Creating a JE is the ideal option to zero out the balance from the deleted credit card account. 


But since this is always happening, I'd recommend you consult an accountant to make sure they are properly recorded to keep the transactions from coming back from that account.


For future reference, you can browse some relevant topics from our QuickBooks Articles hub. You can find some easy steps and tips on your "how do I?" task. 


As always, you can visit us again at any time if you have other concerns. I'd be delighted to answer your next posts. 



Level 2

Deleted account question

Ok I don't understand at all what you are saying. We have twice done JE's to clear this account and it is QUICKBOOKS that keeps making an auto entry that gives us a balance again. My accountant is not going to know why QBO insists on making this entry, that is why I am asking you guys, the QBO experts, why this is happening as it is a QBO system generated entry to the 3000 Equity account at EOY that keeps dropping in a balance after it has been cleared.


Can you tell me why this is happening? Or what we can do to stop it?

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