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Deposit not showing up in bank rec

I have an invoice that was paid to me by the customer.  However this amount is not showing up in the bank reconciliation screen under deposits.  It is in the checking account.  I noticed that while other customer payments in the deposit line have the account “undeposited funds” next to them this particular deposit only has the word “split” in the deposit line.  How do I get this deposit to appear in my bank reconciliation screen?

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Kendra H
QuickBooks Team

Deposit not showing up in bank rec

Thanks for posting your questions here, @mforest


I'd be glad to provide some info with your deposit not showing on the reconciliation window. 


First, your transactions that have already been reconciled are excluded and won't show on your reconciliation page. 


With this, may I ask if you can share a screenshot of your register? Any information will surely be able to help share specific resolutions and will let us solve your reconciliation. 


In the meantime, you can review your deposit in your register if it has been marked as or Reconciled. If so, you can consider it as the reason why it's not showing on your reconciliation. 


I look forward to chatting with you soon. Have a safe and productive rest of your day!

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