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Detail Report for Item Sales in POS

I'm trying to pull a report from POS about which item was sold on which day (and time). Fields to include are date, skew, item name, department and price. So far I can pull sale by day, but not the items that were sold on that day or I can pull which item was sold on a day, but not break that by date. As I'm analyzing several years of information, I would like a comprehensive report instead of pulling each day for the last three years. I realize that the run time for the report will be extensive but I can set it to run over a weekend when we are not open to the customers.


Detail Report for Item Sales in POS

Thank you for reaching out to us, @AGibbens.


I'm happy to show you how to run the report in QuickBooks Point of Sale. Let's pull up the Sales Detail report and add the Time column.This will show you the items sold for a specific period and time. 


Log in to your QuickBooks Point of Sale and perform the following:

  1. Click on Reports at the left pane.
  2. Tap on All Reports from the Report Center.
  3. Under Sales, click on Detail
  4. On the report's page, click the Modify button
  5. Under the Modify a Report window, put a check-mark on Time to add it on the report. You can also add more columns if you wish to. 
  6. Hit on Save, then Run.
  7. Customize the reporting period, then select Apply date range.
  8. Click on the Refresh button to refresh the page.

Reach out to us if you have any other questions. I'm here to help out. Wishing you a good one. 

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Detail Report for Item Sales in POS

I've been playing with the Sales Detail report and it fails significantly when exported. This is what is sent to Excel:

812/10/20193:40:22 PMSales Amazon   
 2008General Hobby3507AT Liq Cement Applicator 1TES3507AT25.50
 26366General HobbyWalthers Goo - Goo Tube 1ozW0429914.80
 145026Toys3424 KITE LINE-30LB 500' SPOOLITB-342417.99
 2005General HobbyTES3502XT Liq Plastic CementTES3502XT16.50
 134387ToolsPASR-75 AIR RGLTR FLTR & GAUGEPASR-75121.61
 26378General HobbyBSI - MAXI-CURE 1/2 OZ.BSI11115.99
 105037R/C PlanesGPMP3001 After Run EngineGPMP300116.15
112/10/20194:32:53 PM     
 170147ToysFTY88 SS 24CT GP CLAMSHELLMTTFTY8817.95

If I apply a filter or sort the list I lose the relationship between the date and time and the items sold. What I need is this:

2008General Hobby3507AT Liq Cement Applicator 1TES3507AT25.5012/10/20193:40:22 PM Sales Amazon
26366General HobbyWalthers Goo - Goo Tube 1ozW0429914.8012/10/20193:40:22 PM Sales Amazon
145026Toys3424 KITE LINE-30LB 500' SPOOLITB-342417.9912/10/20193:40:22 PM Sales Amazon
2005General HobbyTES3502XT Liq Plastic CementTES3502XT16.5012/10/20193:40:22 PM Sales Amazon
134387ToolsPASR-75 AIR RGLTR FLTR & GAUGEPASR-75121.6112/10/20193:40:22 PM Sales Amazon
26378General HobbyBSI - MAXI-CURE 1/2 OZ.BSI11115.9912/10/20193:40:22 PM Sales Amazon
105037R/C PlanesGPMP3001 After Run EngineGPMP300116.1512/10/20193:40:22 PM Sales Amazon
170147ToysFTY88 SS 24CT GP CLAMSHELLMTTFTY8817.9512/10/20194:32:53 PM  

Any suggestions?

Kendra H
QuickBooks Team

Detail Report for Item Sales in POS

Hi there, @AGibbens.


I'd be glad to assist you with getting your format corrected in Point of Sales.


Since you're having difficulties importing specific columns from your spreadsheet, verify that the column cells are formatted corrected to work with the Data Import wizard.


For an easy import using Excel, let's make sure to take note and do the following:

  • There should be no dashes in empty excel fields.
  • Remove empty rows and columns.
  • Delete hidden columns.
  • Don't use formulas, hyperlinks, and special characters (@,#,$,%,&,*).
  • Use "Clear Contents" instead of deleting information separately.


Also, once you've made sure it's ready to import, navigate the spreadsheet and make sure to use the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard instead of scrolling with your mouse.


I'm providing this link as well with some additional information about Point of Sales: Point of Sale: Import and Export


Please let me know if the information above does the trick. Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Have a safe and productive rest of your week!

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Detail Report for Item Sales in POS



My examples were from an export TO Excel from POS. It is from the Sales Detail report.

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