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Does anyone have an answer? I created a journal entry and it will not save?

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QuickBooks Team

Does anyone have an answer? I created a journal entry and it will not save?

The Community has you covered, @gloria2.


I've got some steps that may help you get that Journal Entry saved correctly without a moment's delay. To clarify, are there any error messages appearing when you attempt to save it, or is the physical Save button not operating as it should? Any additional information you can provide me will help to ensure a timely solution.


Generally, most loading, saving, or display issues in QuickBooks Online (QBO) can be resolved by clearing your temporary browser files. Web-based platforms like QBO collect these files to save you time when loading repetitive data and images. These files can often become outdated or corrupted, causing issues like the one with this Journal Entry. Clearing them out should allow you to properly save the item, and here's how you can accomplish that in all supported browsers:


Clearing Temporary Cache Files

By doing this, you'll force QuickBooks to load a fresh copy of the Save button allowing you to properly finish that Journal Entry. Please know you can always find me here whenever you need a helping hand with QuickBooks. Thanks for dropping in, wishing you and your business continued success in all that you do.

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