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Estimate reports

Good morning,


I'm looking for a way to do a report on Estimated inventory, meaning all the products that I quoted on for clients. 


I need to buy in some stock, but want to see which products I quoted on the most.


Hope it makes sense.


Thank you

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QuickBooks Team

Estimate reports

Hi AneVenter,


You can run the Transaction List With Splits report then customize it by following these steps:

  1. On the left panel, click Reports.
  2. Type Transaction List with Splits in the search box.
  3. Choose the Report period and click the Customize button.
  4. From the Customize report menu, click Rows/Columns to expand.
  5. Check the boxes for Date, Transaction Type, Name, Product/Service, and Qty.
  6. Click Filter to expand, choose Estimate from the Transaction Type drop-down list.
  7. Click Run Report.

If you want to include the total for each product/service, you can export the report to Excel. Then manually edit the file to include the information. See article: Export QuickBooks Online Reports to Excel.


I'd also recommend sending feedback to our product developers about your suggestion. To send feedback, click the Gear icon and select Feedback.


I’ll also share this idea with our product development team. Suggestions help us create features based on what users need most for their companies.


Feel free to reach out to us if there's anything else you need help with QuickBooks. Thanks.

Level 1

Estimate reports

Thank you so much, this helps a lot. Is there a way to filter it according to the SKU? 


All my part numbers are filled in in the SKU section, and when I did the filter as suggested, it gives me only the filter names and not the part numbers. 


Kind Regards,


Ane Venter

QuickBooks Team

Estimate reports

Thanks for getting back to me, Ane.


At the moment, you'll have to run a separate report to get the part numbers that were entered in the SKU field. You can use the  Product/Service List report and add the SKU column.


Once done, you can include this information to the report exported to Excel.


I'll be around if you have any additional questions about QuickBooks. 

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