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Exporting vendor/customer to excel

I've attempted to export my client and vendor lists to excel via "export to IFF". Looks like there is a lot of duplication in resulting excel file that requires a substantial editing - often hours upon hours. Also, QB for mac doesn't allow you to enter client website which is important information for us. Most of my vendors especially require payment online. Is there a specific way to export vendors/clients that relatively clean?

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Exporting vendor/customer to excel

If you have duplicates in the export, you have duplicates in your QB File; that is the source of what you just Exported. You can Edit the duplicate in QB, rename it to match the original, and it will ask to Merge the names. For instance, Larsen and Larson, if these are different spellings of the same Customer, you merge them.

For website, you can put that into Alt Fax, Alt Phone, edit the address details to see a Notes line, go to Additional Info and set up a Custom Field, even. You also see the actual Notes Function is available for things like this; you can use the Date Stamp function here, as well. For Mac, you also have Contact Sync, to sync to your contacts list, where you can maintain more contact info about customer and vendor names.

Level 1

Exporting vendor/customer to excel

I'm new person export business please help me 

Kirill - CloudBusiness LLC
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Exporting vendor/customer to excel



  As a workaround, I suggest you to try this app


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