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General Ledger Report

Every quarter my accountant reviews our general ledger.  He is old school and likes to work off paper.  So I export this into excell and send it over to him.  The report is like 40-50 pages long usually.  He does NOT need to see every single entry.  He would like to just see the final monthly numbers for each account.  Is there a way to just have the report show the month end numbers without ever single transaction?  We are killing a lot of trees printing these reports out...


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QuickBooks Team

General Ledger Report

Hello there, @todd40.


I'm here to help run a report in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) showing the final/total monthly amount for each account.


You may create a custom summary report and show the column monthly.


Here's how:

  1. Click Reports at the top menu bar.
  2. Select Custom Reports.
  3. Select Summary.
  4. Customize the dates and click OK.
  5. Select Month beside Show Columns.
  6. Refresh the report.

That would allow you to run the report you need. Don't hesitate to add a comment below if you have any other concerns about running reports in QBDT. I'm always here to help!

Level 1

General Ledger Report

Thanks but this doesn't quite help me. I need this summary for the General Ledger.  This report does not show all of the items listed in my General Ledger.



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General Ledger Report

You don't need Custom reports. You already have everything in the Reports menu > Company and Financial.

For instance, P&L Standard, This Fiscal Year, Columns by Month. Or, Last Fiscal Year, or Year to Date, columns by Month. Also pay attention to top left: Cash or Accrual Basis.


Also run Balance Sheet Standard. Statement of Cash Flows (this is not going to offer Columns).


Run from Reports menu > Accountant & Taxes, the Trial Balance report.


Run for them and yourself the Sales by Customer Summary report, customize to remove the items filter, then set Columns by Item Type. That's one of my favorite reports.


Run the AR Aging Summary and the AP Aging Summary. Also run the Detail reporting and look for Negative balances still aging = unapplied. These would need to be evaluated for what is going on, since you don't want to see backwards AP and AR like that; especially not at year end.


You also can use Reports menu > Memorized Reports List. Hee are Grouped reports; you double-click the Group to run all reports in that group. Make a group and name it "For My Accountant." Open all the reports you want to see routinely, use Memorize at the top, Memorize them each in this one group. Now all you need to do is run that Group and there are all the reports in one place.

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General Ledger Report

Please see my attachment.

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