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have to hit tab twice to move to next field in recently upgrade to QB 2021 pro

upgraded to QB 2021 pro yesterday. when entering an invoice, most of the time i do math inside of QB to determine the amount. example 5 + 6 to autofill 11. i used to hit tab after done the math and it would move to the next field. now it just stays in the field, and i have to hit tab twice to move to the next field. this is brand new with the upgrade yesterday. this is hardly a seamless, but FORCED upgrade to QB 2021 pro. thanks for any help.

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QuickBooks Team

have to hit tab twice to move to next field in recently upgrade to QB 2021 pro

Hey there, @ap.


Let me share with you some steps that will fix this function issue.


Before we proceed, can you share the type of transaction you're using when calculating the amount? Any additional info would be much appreciated.


I've tried these steps on my QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) 2021 and use the invoice window to calculate the amounts. On my end, I only have to hit the tab button once in order to move to the next field.


Since you're experiencing this unusual behavior, I'd recommend running the repair tool for QBDT. This tool will help you in fixing errors while the using product.


Here's how to use it, so you can get back to your business.


  1. If you haven't already, back up your company file.
  2. Restart your computer. This makes sure there are no programs that may affect the repair.
  3. Open the Windows Start menu, then select Control Panel. If you're using Windows 8 or 8.1, search Control Panel in the Windows Start menu.
  4. Select Programs and Features and click Uninstall a Program. If you don't see Programs and Features, choose Programs instead and click Program and Features.
  5. Choose QuickBooks from the list of Programs, then select Uninstall/Change.
  6. Click Continue, or Next.
  7. Continue by clicking Repair, then Next.
  8. Once done, select Finish.



Please take note that you may have to restart your computer to complete this process.


Additionally, ensure to update your QuickBooks to the latest release before performing the steps above. This way, you'll have the most recent fixes and security updates.


You can also check out the newly added and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise 2021. This way, it would be easy for you to handle your business using these product innovations. 


Should you have any follow-up questions or concerns, don't hesitate to post again here in the Community or leave a comment on this thread. Take care and have a good one.

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have to hit tab twice to move to next field in recently upgrade to QB 2021 pro

it happens while entering a bill, in the amount column. my process is enter an account, hit tab, type some numbers and math equations (ex. 5+6+7), then hit tab. this is where something is different in QB2021 pro that was upgraded yesterday. tab after the last number of the math equation would then move to the memo field. starting today when i hit tab after the final number of the math, it makes an annoying tone, stays in the amount field, and displays the answer to the math equation. i then have to hit tab a second time to get into the memo field. 

nothing is broke, there are no errors, it is an annoying change that i want to know if i can have our normal process back.

thanks for the reply. 


have to hit tab twice to move to next field in recently upgrade to QB 2021 pro

Hello, ap.


I appreciate your time getting back to us. I'd like to contribute a bunch of solutions and help you bring your old process back in entering the bill. 


Performance issues can also affect how the shortcut keys behave. There are several factors and fixes that you can do to resolve this.


You'll want to close QuickBooks completely and restart your computer to refresh your system. If the "Tab" key still wants you press it twice, start tweaking your settings in your data file by following the steps in this article: Resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues: Manage your data file


You can also use the QuickBooks Tool Hub to fix performance issues. Download the latest version from this article: Fix common problems and errors with the QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub.


After downloading and installing it, use the Program Problems tab's utility to fix the shortcut key issue. 


If you're ready to pay your bills after entering them, you can follow the steps in this article for a guide: Pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop.


Check out other articles in our articles list page if you need help in other areas in QuickBooks Desktop. 


The thread's still open if you have other concerns with your QuickBooks Desktop program. I'm all ears and ready to help you out. 

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have to hit tab twice to move to next field in recently upgrade to QB 2021 pro

while i appreciate the response and suggestions, i think there is some confusion. the tab key does something each time it is pressed. the first is that it sums the math, the second is move fields. so it is not that i have to hit the tab key twice between all fields. only when doing math within quickbooks. a single tab press used to sum numbers AND move to the next field.

nothing is broke, there are no errors. i was hoping it was a personal setting that could be changed to be like 2018 version. so many things did not come through when restoring companies in 2021 and the hope is this is one of those. 

thank you

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