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How can I add an address to a customer invoice?

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How can I add an address to a customer invoice?

There are two ways to do this in QuickBooks Online, whf-kody.


The first one is to add the customer's address in their profile. This way, it'll automatically display when you create an invoice.


Here's how:

  1. Click Sales on the left panel, and then select Customers.
  2. If you've set up the customer, click the name on the list and then click Edit.
  3. If not, click the New customer button in the upper right-hand corner to create their profile.
  4. Go to the Address tab, and then enter the customer's billing and shipping address.
  5. Click Save.

The second way to do this is to create an invoice and manually enter the customer's address.


Like this:

  1. Click the Plus icon.
  2. Under Customers, select Invoice.
  3. Enter the customer's name.
  4. In the Billing address section, enter the customer's address.
  5. Enter the details of the invoice.
  6. Click Save.

Just leave a reply if you have any follow-up questions on this. Thanks for dropping by.

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