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How can I import invoices into QB Online from Zoho Books?

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QuickBooks Team

How can I import invoices into QB Online from Zoho Books?

Hi there, @accounting38.


Thank you for choosing QuickBooks Online (QBO) as your accounting software. I can help you import your invoices from Zoho Books to QBO.


Currently, the option to directly import invoices in QBO is unavailable. However, I know some applications you can integrate with QuickBooks to do this. These apps can extend account functionality and provide additional services for your business.


Let me walk through on finding an app:

  1. Click Apps.
  2. On the search field, enter Zoho.

From the result, you can choose an app that's best for your business need.


That should help you import invoices, accounting38.


Click "Reply" if you have additional questions about QuickBooks. I'm still here to help you more. Have a good one.

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How can I import invoices into QB Online from Zoho Books?

So when I choose an app, what do I do next? I already have Zoho books. I just want to import invoices that i have already created there to QB. Can you please help me?


QuickBooks Team

How can I import invoices into QB Online from Zoho Books?

Hi gannaklymenko,


In order to integrate the Zoho app with QuickBooks, you'll want to contact Zoho Support. They can assist you in importing invoices, too.


You can also visit their website for details.


We're here if you have other questions.

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How can I import invoices into QB Online from Zoho Books?

if you want to integrate Zoho with QBO , you can use basically when you create an invoice in zoho will then also create an invoice in QBO ...can also be done with estimates contacts etc etc.


why do i know this ...because the estimating and invoicing features in QBO ...really lack they are atrocious...Zoho invoice/books completley blows QBO out of the water


if you simply want to export your existing zoho invoices.....use a .csv file exported from zoho ...change the columns in the zoho to match that of QBO ...and hit import QBO


now the extra problem with this is the will have a minimum of 20 bucks/ month for zapier...and the cost of your zoho books account + the QBO account

RFDM Solutions
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How can I import invoices into QB Online from Zoho Books?

Hi Everyone,


We've recently completed two projects involving Zoho Books and Quickbooks, one in which we connected the two via Zapier for a client, and the other in which the client did a complete switch to Zoho Books. So what you're looking to accomplish is possible, but there are a number of practical and technical considerations to keep in mind that I've listed below. Feel free to get in touch with us at if you have any questions/want to chat more about your Zoho Books/Quickbooks project. We're an authorized Zoho Partner, and can help steer you in the right direction.


With respect to connecting the two systems via Zapier (or any other API connector), the first thing to call out is that every Zoho Books customer and Zoho Books item/product needs to first have their QBO ID (unique identifier/primary key) uploaded/entered into a custom field on their record in Zoho. This is the primary key that QBO needs in order to sync the data via any connector. For some reason, QBO does not make this unique ID available on the customer or product record or available for simple export (although you can extract it manually from the URL when you are looking at a customer record in QBO). We had to write an API script in order to do a mass extraction from QBO's developer portal in order to transfer these to the individual records in Zoho Books. Once you get all the QBO IDs onto their matching Zoho Books customer and item records, then you're in a position to leverage the Zapier sync. There are a number of other technical considerations that can necessitate writing a bit of custom deluge code and/or javascript based on your needs, but the point is that is IS possible to create this connector. Happy to discuss more on this is you like, our contact details are below.


With respect to the complete switch/data migration from QBO to Zoho Books, this is also possible. The main consideration is whether or not you're looking to have all your historical transaction data brought over (i.e. actual invoices, purchase orders, bank transactions, etc), or whether you're ok with a "fresh start" approach. By "fresh start" I don't mean a completely blank instance of Zoho Books - you would still do a migration of your customer and vendor records, items/products, and chart of accounts so that your Trial Balances match in Zoho Books and Quickbooks; also, timing is everything here - you need to make the switch at the end of a reporting period (e.g. if you're looking to start using Zoho Books on October 1st, then you would want to first complete your September bookkeeping in QBO, close the month, and then use your Sept 30 Trial Balance as your opening balances in ZB for Oct 1).


We've found that there are two things that most people don't realize about accounting system migrations: (1) Migrating your historical invoices, POs, bank transactions, etc. is both unnecessary and incredibly time consuming and finicky work => we generally recommend to our clients to go with a "fresh start" approach because it's quicker, more cost effective, and leads to less discrepancies between your old and new system; (2) BUT - you say - "We want to migrate our historical data for reporting purposes!" You don't need to migrate all of your historical customer invoices etc. to Zoho Books in order to have a great accounting/sales reporting system => you're actually better served by using the easy integration between QBO and Zoho Analytics (included with Zoho One). The reporting system in Zoho Books is good enough for current year/period accounting. But if you really want to dig into your YoY data, you should use actual business intelligence software. We really love Zoho Analytics for our Zoho clients because you can actually blend Zoho Books, Quickbooks, and Zoho CRM data in the same dashboards, which is very powerful.


Hopefully some of this is useful for you, and can help you with your Zoho Books/Quickbooks project. If you have any questions at all, please connect with us on our website ( or give us a call toll free (phone number removed).



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Founder and Managing Director
RFDM Solutions
Authorized Zoho Partner

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How can I import invoices into QB Online from Zoho Books?

You can automatically import invoices from Zoho Books to QB Online using Skyvia data integration tool. It provides a freemium model, so you can test it for free first. Highly recommend!

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