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How do I change the "account" information when I receive a payment for an invoice?

It posts as "freight" and I want it to be one of "my" accounts (ex 501 board)
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How do I change the "account" information when I receive a payment for an invoice?

Hi @bethandbillbrock,


I can walk you through on how you can change the account information for your bank transactions. Before you add or match a bank transaction, you have the option to edit the category or the account.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Banking tab.
  2. Under the For Review tab, search for the transaction you want to add or match and click it.
  3. Look for the Category drop-down menu, and choose the account you want. 
  4. When you're finished, proceed to either add or match the transaction.


You can repeat the same steps above for all other transactions you want to change the account information.


Additional details on how you can add bank transactions can be found in this article: Assign, categorize, edit, and add your downloaded banking transactions. Search for the Accept multiple transactions at once section if you want to add transactions by batches.


As for matching your bank transactions to the transactions you already recorded in your QuickBooks Online, take a look at this article: Match and categorize bank transactions in QuickBooks Online. You can find the steps on how you can exclude transactions under the Exclude personal or duplicate transactions link.


Feel free to post a question below if you have anything else in mind. I'll be sure to get back to you. 

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How do I change the "account" information when I receive a payment for an invoice?

@bethandbillbrock wrote:
receive payment on an invoice

That tells me you are talking about sales


freight paid by the customer is income, typically I post that freight income to its own account called pre-paid shipping.  The freight you pay is either part of the inventory item cost, or an expense if you are not buying inventory.


Which account gets posted to is determined by the item you use on the invoice, typically for this you would use a service item linked to the income account, pre-paid shipping

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