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How do I delete a contractor?

For as much as QB costs, why the heck is help so lacking and why is live help not available when it's convenient for me?  So frustrating!
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QuickBooks Team

How do I delete a contractor?

I would have felt the same if I can't get help when I need one, ahanaike.


You can always contact our phone support team. They are open every Monday to Friday 6 AM – 6 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). On weekends, they are only open on a Saturday at 6 AM – 3 PM PST.


I got you the steps below on how to delete a contractor. Make sure that the contractor doesn’t have any unpaid invoice or bill first.

  1. In the left menu, select Workers then Contractors.
  2. Click the contractor’s name.
  3. Below the contractor’s name, click the Active drop-down arrow.
  4. Then select Mark as inactive.

I’ll be here to help if you have other questions.

Level 1

How do I delete a contractor?

I have had nothing but problems with this program as well. There are no instructions. No manuals. When I called for help, the rep stated to find it on youtube. No thanks. I'd rather find it myself. Big disappointment.

Joshua R
QuickBooks Team

How do I delete a contractor?

Good afternoon, @rmelancon1.


I'm here to help.


QuickBooks doesn't entirely remove the data when deleting a contractor. The system or program only makes his/her profile inactive.


The links provided below give detailed instructions on how to edit the contractors, and with the tutorial link you'll find the instructions you need to run the product smoothly.


Add, edit and inactivate contractors


Video Tutorials for QuickBooks Online


If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out. We're always here to help.




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