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How do I edit budget categories?

The template budget categories are not right for my organization. How do I create a budget using my own line items?


How do I edit budget categories?

I want to know more about your concern so I can give you a hand, th4.


What specific categories do you want to change? Can you provide screenshots so I can have a clearer vision with this.


Any additional details would be much appreciated, too. Thank you in advance!


How do I edit budget categories?

How's everything going, th4? I was wondering if you still need help with creating your budget.


The information (categories, accounts, and other data) you can see when creating a budget is based on your Chart of Accounts. You can make an account inactive or create a different one.


You might also want understand that QuickBooks Online has special and defaults accounts. Some of them cannot be deleted nor edited. You can check out these article for more information: 

Delete Special and Default Accounts in the Chart of Accounts.


In addition to that, you can import your own accounts. Thus, you can use them when creating budgets. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner and select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select Import Data under Tools.
  3. Select Chart of Accounts and click the Browse button to upload your file.
  4. Click Next and map your data.
  5. Click Next and follow the other instructions to finish the import process.

You can also use this article for reference: How to Import Chart of Accounts.


If you need more assistance or clarifications in creating budgets, any information you can provide would be a great help. I'll get back to you til that time.

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